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Hilarious! But sadly women voters vote for socialism, open borders, illegal alien invaders, and also unlimited welfare.

Women voters are behind the push for socialism based upon survey studies.

The USA is A REPUBLIC to help stop this insanity, yet the women representatives in congress are anti-constitution socialist women.

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Women are not the same as men. This website above documents the differences and you are correct they are more likely to vote for socialist policies because they don’t personally have strength so they need numbers and redistribution

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All 3 of those things are reasons why socialism won't work in this country. A socialist would be very ethnonationalist if they wanted it to work. Women voters are emotional and easily misled. Sexual dimorphism and all that as the selective sex. The trouble is the beta cuck soyboys.

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The resemblance is uncanny

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NEVER stick your dick in crazy 's mouth.

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Who else thinks she'll be back tending bar after the next election?

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You're not familiar with the Congressional retirement plan are you? They get paid for life.

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The problem is the implementation of a lot of these ideas. Leftists people have great ideas sometimes but usually aren't pragmatic enough to get them done in a manner that isn't completely counter productive.

It'd be great if we went back to mass transit, trolleys, passenger trains, etc. at least in large cities. Yet, as we saw when Obama tried to do this, it's corrupted with over priced bids and social strings attached onto the federal funding. Want a passenger train in your city? Well, then 7 year old boys and girls must shower together. Then trans males must be able to use the bathroom with women. That's why a lot of it doesn't get done. The agenda was sexual, outlined by a core group of sexual predators and it was also based in eugenics. It was all done under the guise of protecting people from discrimination and helping the environment but all that was just the golden fleece they threw over the monster. Obama's whole plan was about over priced corporatism, pedophilia, sterilization and social instability. It had nothing to do with wanting to put mass transit in every city. This thing, as ridiculous as it is on paper, as pricey at is on paper, would end up being 10X worse if it ever gets voted in or anything like it ends up getting voted in. It will go from a tumor to a deadly cancer on this country.

It's like everything the left tries to do. .. Oh.. why don't we tax the rich to pay for it? Yet, what are you gonna do to stop the rich from simply moving to another country? We see this with states like NY and CA and yet STILL they learn nothing. They want to tax corporations but with no tariffs what is going to stop them from simply putting their HQ in Ireland or Australia? That puts the leftists into a spot where they have to start implementing tariffs, something they have been conditioned to hate. They'll flip out about a 2.5% tariff and totally disregard that same country has tariffs on our goods at 250%. It's inability to think 2 steps ahead even. This is why everything they try to do fails and becomes a downward spiral just like most major cities and leftist states. Yet, liberal leadership doesn't care because this means that leftists stay in power forever with no challenge to the throne. They get rich from the pillaging then they become gods after the fall. The worse off people get, the dumber people become, the more violence there is, the more they vote Democrat.

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Its easy to be generous with other peoples money.

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You're an idiot.

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But what if he's not.

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Hitler was right, so what does she mean by this? We have a chance to redeem ourselves for getting it so wrong the first time?