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But the picture says to repub.

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You were too late to do that, it's gone now.

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I'm always up for another pint at the pub.

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I have to watch that movie again. That was hilarious.

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=needle scratch=

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I need to find myself a Slavic wife.

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Same. Would be nice.

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Very nice. I have lost interest in Western girls.

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[etsy link. domain banned]/shop/Pepelangelo

this woman can paint.

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No matter how cool you think they are, eventually one of their annoying traits reveals itself, nag about something, whinge if you put a cup in the wrong place, misinterpretation of something you say based on their feelings and then be incapable of logically looking at it, the usual stuff.

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There's the belief that very few women actually hold any sort of passion for an interest and rather everything they do or pretend to enjoy comes down to attention and men in some way. I've seen plenty of evidence for this over the years, but I can't say that this extends to all women, or even 90% of them. But it does seem generally true, that everything a woman does can be reduced back down to the pursuit of a man or attention.

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Those are called shit tests and you must handle it properly.

When women act out they are testing boundaries. You establish boundaries early on and you must maintain them WITHOUT losing your cool. If you do, there is no argument, no drama.

Women must be constantly reassured you are capable of maintaining a stable environment in the face of chaos. It is their nature.

Once you learn to recognize and deal with shit tests properly you will be shocked at how easy it is to keep them content.

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You just need to get out for a whiskey with the boys every so often. My woman only starts really irritating me when I haven't had a guy time break from her.

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“You got a high tone woman?

Keep you one eye on the door.

She won’t worry about where you’re going,

She don’t leave the house no more.”

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This woman's face looks familiar. Who is she?

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Olga Vishnevsky - search etsy pepelangelo

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Still not green enough.

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