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I... don't get it.

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It's kind of a literary joke. The sentences in the initial tweet are poorly written, so that the pronoun "it" in the second sentence apparently refers to the 1500 word essay the guy wrote, and not "the last days of Brexit" like he wanted it to. He's essentially saying the 1500 word essay he just wrote on the last days of Brexit is worse than he thought. Thus the suggestion for a rewrite.

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Ah. "My essay is bad" and "So re-write it".

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It's just a dad-joke, man. Nothing too high-brow. I do it all the time. Like when my daughter says, "I'm hungry" and I say, "Hi, hungry. I'm dad, what's up?" Hell, I do it on here all the time, and it usually flies right over people's heads— except for the unlucky few who do get it, and proceed to roll their eyes.

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Even without nit picking, it would stand to reason that if Brexit is worse than he thought than he needs to re-write his own writing on Brexit.

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Ironically confirming his poor writing at the same time.

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im not sure I do either, but the joke could be that the EU has this habit of letting countries have votes on critical issues. Then when the country doesn't vote the 'correct' way, they just force the country to have another vote until they choose the right way.

brexit was voted on more than a year ago, and it hasnt been implemented. I suspect they will have to vote again until they choose to remain in the EU.

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You're thinking too hard, bud.

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First part is right. The second part isn't quite right because we have always been scheduled to leave the EU, officially, at the end of March this year. All the rest has been arguing for the right deals regarding separation. But obviously, going back to your first point, they have been stringing it out and subjecting us Brits to endless propaganda about how bad Brexit is going to be the whole time. Put the two together with the EU's own stubbornness and refusal to give us a good deal, and you end up with a second referendum, like you said, which in my opinion has been the plan all along. If you don't agree with us, we'll make you change your mind.

And muppets like this guy don't even realize they're part of it.

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> shit-talking a joke which requires being literate to understand

This is why our countries are failing. This is why the jews are winning. Get better.

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The soyboys are the ones who learn feelings over grammar.

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learn to code.

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This thread all esl? Is it really that hard to grasp?