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Well it'd be pretty cool if she had vagina dentata and they cleaned those teeth.

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What? Uh, I don't even..

Fuck it just have the upvoat.

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Dear God, let us hope neither of them livestreams their next colonoscopy ....

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Gagging at the idea of a Warren gyno livestream- fucking eww

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Can we see sandy cortez's next breast exam tho plox?

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Theyre gonna be nasty. Like hair around the areola and lopsided. They are probably all googly like her eyes.

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Diana tells O’Rourke she was born in El Paso to a mother from a small Mexican town and a father with U.S. citizenship. The hygienist goes on to say her mother was a permanent resident in the U.S. as she studied for her American citizenship exam

So, a woman born in the US to a US Citizen father and a legal resident mother (who was trying to actually become a citizen) somehow has anything at all to do with building a wall or enforcing the law.

, telling O’Rourke her neighbors were supportive of her mother’s studies. “[T]he entire neighborhood was there when she passed her citizenship test,” she said. ... “We all support each other, we love each other,” she added. “It’s not what everyone else thinks.”

Oh, playing the race card.

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These actors are live streaming their daily routines in order to deter the Deep State assassination attempts that are coming their way.

Think about it! Beto poured money hand-over-fist into a hotly contested border district race and lost. While Pocahontas won't stop pursuing her own agenda that glamorizes her and not Clinton.

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What's next? Beetle's visit to a proctologist?