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I liked the idea of making it a high speed railway inside the wall and making it transcontinental, throw some solar panels on it like potus said before and power the southern half of the US

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This would be amazing. This is such a cool idea. Imagine how great our infrastructure would be if we didn't go to war and didn't have to babysit Mexicans and Somalians all damn day.

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and quarter operated rifle turrets with scope. you can zoom in on the illegals and shoot them then share the video on instagram

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So kind like a Hyperloop along the border? Not sure if the cost benefit is there.

But a regular high speed train could be a nice thing, espceially since now a private organisation has a reason to watch that nobody fucks with the wall.

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One thing about transcontinental travel is that it is expensive as shit and lot of businesses travel from the east to west coast, having an alternative to airplanes makes sense, even high speed rail about 220km/hr would suffice if there were only a half dozen or so stops.

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The world doesn't need more overpriced government infrastructure projects.

If you want to build a railway line, build it where it's needed between major population centers, not some random bit of desert that just happens to be the point where burgers become tacos.

Also, what's with this fad for putting solar panels on everything? If you're going to all the expense of buying a solar generator, why not just put it on a flat piece of ground in nevada? It doesn't benefit from being on a road surface or a railway line.

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Can we throw food scraps at the taco niggers like the fish at zoos and shit?

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That's my idea. Have those gumball machines where you put in a quarter and a handful of jalapenos come out.

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Fuck a great wall of America. Turning it into a tourist trap will just make it easier for the taco niggers to blend in. What you want is a no man's land that people rightfully fear. I've said it before but I'll type it again anyway, what you need to do is move the border back say 50-100m and just put up a simple wire fence with signs on it warning the taco niggers that they're about to enter America's protected border. There's no need for high fences, electrifying it, barbed wire, etc. a simple sign would be enough because right in the middle of the no man's land is a series of solar powered towers with drones on them. These drones won't be piloted by the military or any other government organization but instead by the people at arcades or at home if they have the right VR equipment. You make it a pay to play system except for basic recon drones that spot targets so that the scouts can light up a target and then the pay to play guys come in. You charge them for flight time, for every round they fire and give them a huge arsenal to choose from. Give them almost the entire range of weapons (no chemical weapons or nukes but everything else like a MOAB or using bunker busters to close tunnels is fine) and allow the general public to go hog wild protecting their borders. Do you not think the wealthy for example wouldn't take up the opportunity to legally kill a person while recording it in VR so all their guests could relive the experience? That shit would become the newest flex for them and they would compete to have the best kills using the best weapons to the point that, war times excluded, the military industrial complex would almost solely focus on them.

So not only would Americans be happy to pay for their border security but they would do all the work themselves and even encourage future upgrades of the systems in place too. It's a permanent solution that gives the power to the people while allowing the legitimate transit of goods/people through tightly controlled coridoors. No more guns, drugs, illegals or corrupt border control would be possible making it the blindingly obvious solution that needs to happen.

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Which is why its the least likely thing to happen until we get the traitors and kikes out of power.

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I'm really sad it can't do more. Like make a wall but then make it a massive linear park as well Let people donate and get to "own" a section of it. Like if a family wanted to buy 10 feet of it they could go down there and paint it any way they like or whatever. Stuff like that. it would be cool as fuck.

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Northern Face: Nicely decorated, painted to match the surrounding area, blends in, overall unobtrusive and pleasant to look at. Maybe have sections to project old westerns on at night. Make the entire length a really nice park.

Southern Face: Cold, gray, and imposing. Upper sections lined with multiple layers of razor-wire to prevent scaling. Massive spikes jutting out from all angles to impale anyone who makes the attempt. Sharp metal edges embedded in the concrete anywhere someone might get a hand-hold. Automatic turrets that fire at any human-sized target that gets within 100 yards. Land mines starting at 50 yards out. Giant signs every 50 feet reading ¡Vete! ¡No eres bienvenido!

Make the foundation go down a hundred feet or so to discourage tunneling, and fill the underground sections with pockets of chlorine gas.

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Holy moly, you should be an advisor to the building of the wall project!

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And those food stands...should sell tacos!

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Obviously not. Those food stands would be capitalists and that's not allowed under the current liberal paradigm.

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Only if those popup stands are vegan.

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