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I don't think this is true. Russia pretty much owns on the big tits of the world map. Although maybe they've just been making a comeback. :) https://external-preview.redd.it/zZW627Ak97R7FsjgnwYkwDQVfwntCgNExIjZnyYi-CA.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=1dc357f92c02934b3ce03357ce948f382a50fb45

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It's almost been 30 years. Also remember that 20-27 million died in the Soviet Union during WWII, the vast majority of those were men, and in particular young men. Meaning that after the war there was an entire generation in which women greatly outnumbered men...thus the men that did survive had a vast array of women to choose from, I imagine the ones with the big tits were a favorite and that those big tit genes were passed down.

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you IMAGINE the women with big tits were their favorite? Is there anything that could be more certain?! :D

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An image search for "Russian big tits" checks out. This guy gets it.

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Sheesh. Definitely moving to Russia now.

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I hear American title sizes have gone up, but for all the wrong reasons. Namely obesity.

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wtf that's the average.

so they have F cups or no one has less than C?

Theory: big breasts became rarer and more vlauable as a seleciton trait. Male selection lagged responding mor epositively to big breasts and females responded.

or rather it's already an automated assumption in the female genetics that this would happen.

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I don't' know but I know I'm taking a trip to Russia! :)

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Too. Many. Words.

Please don't turn into leftie-memes with 50 word screeds pretending to be memes. They need to be short and to the point.

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wrong as shit you fucking retard

put words on tits and people will look

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Can confirm: read every word.

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Go join a protest somewhere.

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They need to be short and to the point.

You might like short and perky, but we like large and busty. It's just a difference of opinion, mate. No big deal.

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Just because your attention span is absolute shit doesn't mean everyone else's is.

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Making fun of communists is pretty low hanging fruit anyway, it's the equivalent of picking on the retarded kid at school. Not that they don't deserve it sometimes.

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no joke the women in cuba all have small breasts

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really? bring stats

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Fuck off, do your own research.

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An argument to end all arguments.

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I grew up in commie country and it's true.There were some big breasted gals around but very few and all past second kid ( mommy tits).Padded bras ruled big time.Asses were much smaller as well,mostly barely over flat.

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No bras either

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wincest memes. Every time.

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Communism leads to intellectual and sexual starvation of various sorts. Its an inhuman system built by colored peoples.

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