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Why do people act like "Jew" is a bad word? It's not a slur, it's just a bad thing to be.

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sorry caps.. im not re-spelling those words

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I'm Mexican, brown people here call white people "blondie" (even if you have dark hair), as in "thank you, blondie" or "good evening blondie". They don't like it one bit if you answer "you're welcome, darkie." Double standards, man.

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Jews have a natural aversion of goys capable of noticing.

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Like a vampire in sunlight

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The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

-- Joseph Goebbels

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This is from the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S11E7, in case anyone is curious. Really funny episode.

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one of my favorite shows of all time

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And not written by Jews! Kind of surprising. Good on them.

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I'd bang.

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They always make fun of her for looking like a bird but I think she's very pretty.

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Probably crazy. My initial notion still stand none the less.

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I'd fucking split her ass apart and shove my face in there until I asphyxiate

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It's a good way to die!

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Gotta say, it is wicked hard to keep my mouth shut, when refugees are loading up multiple carts of food, with 6+ kids in tow, paying with government aid, while my wife and I are not sure if we can afford 1 or 2 kids. While I now know who is behind it all and all the facts back it up.

Ignorance is bliss. I admit sometimes, but only sometimes, I wish I wasn't redpilled and didn't discover sites like this. I was happier.

But now that I know the truths, I will never stop fighting.

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Nah. Let your opinion flow...

At home I’ve slowly red pilled my wife. We were watching a show the other night and an admitted jew said “as a white guy...” and shit went flying. She’s yelling at the TV and threw her magazine across the room at the TV. It was funny as hell. I got to explain “shape shifting” to her, it was a teachable moment.

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Publicly calling people out used to be how civilization kept this shit from happening.

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I feel like my mask slips a little more every day.

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Let your light SHINE!

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I have gotten more open with my slurs. At a bar I loudly called a guy a nigger for smoking newports. Wasnt till he started looking around that I thought about it

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Haha this is so true. I met a friend of a friend at the park the other day and we started talking politics. Of course I started with a few basic redpills but eventually went full on JQ. This lady was blown away and was like "holy shit, you're right, I've never really thought anyone it but now I know I'm going to notice it everywhere." I effing love talking to normies and opening their eyes a bit.

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And then some new season of her soap opera comes out and she forgets everything what you said.

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Hopefully not. She is a homeschool conservative mom so she is a bit different than avg.

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Both jew and jewish are proper and correct, so it's all right to say, for example, He's a goddam jew.

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