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Dont need no wall. Only law. Any illegal caught gets a mandatory two years in a federal hard labor camp. Local sherrif's issue cash bounties for all illegals brought into a detention center. We could save billions. Also, for every illegal caught, Mexico is footed the bill, and if they refuse to pay then it is taken from their yearly welfare/aid. Any business or individual in America caught employing illegal(s) gets a mandatory 5 years in a federal hard labor camp and all of their assets seized and auctioned off and that money used for the program.

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The hunt.

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Could make a television show "Noseberg: the Alien Hunter"

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People would just look at muh nose all the time. It would be best to find a common goy.

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Wouldn't even need to pay. Just give a tax credit or something.

Hell, I know plenty who would do it free were it legal.

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Maybe, but it would be nice to get paid for all the hard work. I would do it from dusk 'til dawn and would have to cover my gas and time.

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Sounds to me like spend to catch them, spend to detain them, spend to catch & detain Americans employers for breaking the law.

A wall would be cheaper.

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Getting rid of welfare state is the answer you are looking for. Everything else is a distraction.

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Good meme there .

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I get it! It's funny cuz he doesn't have a mind!

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B...B...But no wall means more votes for Dims in California

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except Zognald Trump is an israeli bitch.

he'll have no problem sending more shekels to israel or to help fund their illegal wars.

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It's going to be used to hold you faggots in. Maybe not you old faggots but guess what's going to stop your grandkids from leaving when they decide to quit paying (((taxes))). The sorriear generation has enslaved the next. Suck (((trump))) dick faggots your just as dumb as niggers.

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youd have to pay me to go to mexico.

I like my home at 1452 Cornridge Road, California County, Wyoming, Minnesota, United States of the World, thank you very much.

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You dumb mother fucker. This is why people should not be in charge of making decisions for other people. Do the world a favor and keep your no point seeing ass off the internet. We have enough stupid here.