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Glad you went with the classic and not the new ones.

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What new ones? They are just a rumor, just like the existence of Star Wars prequels and sequels.

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"Say yo' prairs, toitils!"

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Fuckin' aye! The fucking memberberries in this one cell.

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Unlike cattle rings, which are inserted through a piercing made by a veterinarian, pig nose rings are usually simply clipped on. The ring makes it hard to root, because it gets in the way of the nose and causes pain if the pig persists in rubbing its nose in the soil.
While rooting is an entirely natural behavior, it can be very destructive, and pig rings are used to reduce the overall damage which can be caused by pigs.


While the old-time bull’s nose ring was made of iron or brass, the modern ring is usually made of steel for durability -- you don’t want to go through this procedure twice, and neither does the bull. It is hinged in the center and usually sharp on one of the open ends so it makes its own hole in the septum. Once in place, it closes with a screw with a precise fit to form a smooth surface. An individual bull's ring is selected according to the bull's size -- future size considered.

The concept of using a large, potentially aggressive animal’s highly sensitive nose to control its behavior is as old as civilization. The Old Testament records, in 2 Kings and in Isaiah, that God used the nose ring as a metaphor in pledging to discipline Sennacherib, King of Assyria, for "raging against" Him around 700 B.C.: "I will put my hook in thy nose ... and I will turn thee back."

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Carry a cord with a little hook to lead those girls into nob slobber position

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Never knew that.

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Now it's your turn to tell me how I can hax my cat!

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Tie a rope to the nose ring of a 1500 lbs bull and a 50 lbs child can have complete control over it. That is the purpose.

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Tie a rope to the nose ring of a 1500 lbs bull and a 50 lbs child can have complete control over it. That is the purpose.

Not sure how a rope is going to help the child if the bull charges it.

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The only thing these piercings do is distract and take away from a woman’s beauty. Like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

If she’s an ugly broad though, might as well. It’s not like it’s gonna make her LESS attractive.

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No, but it will still make her uglier.

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usually septum piercings are had by round faced women , which makes them look like the origin. Girls, if you are fat with a round face, the LAST thing you want to do is do something that makes you look more like a pig - unless you want everyone to stay away.

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Howcome Amy Schumer doesn't have one?

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I was dating a seemingly nice girl, then one day she had a ring in her septum. I asked, "you have your septum pierced?", and she was like, "well yeah, I've had this for years." She had just never worn it around me. I dumped her immediately. Sorry, not interested in dating human livestock. Septum piercings are for slaves.

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Septum piercings are for slaves retards.

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Yeah, that's true too.

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That never happened

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It absolutely did happen, but whatever, think what you want to think.

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I don't see the big difference between slaves and women. Both have to submit to you.

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Was actually designed as a means to control slaves - a Greek , Roman or Hellonist woman of means during classical times would have killed herself before submitting to her nose being ringed as it meant she would spend the remainder of her life in bondage.

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They want to submit. If you tie dental floss to a nose ring and hold the string, you will have that persons devotion to you.

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