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Six flags? why not seven or eight. Oh the rich parasites, plague of humanity. This world criminal organization owns money and we are nothing but dogs to them.

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And six stars on each side of the text not visible in that shot

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Except the are Jews not npcs. Jews are far more dangerous

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Jews are the programmers.

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This. Sick of this meme being misused (by NPCs, ironically).

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mother of god

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I hear them chanting the text-to-speech "orange man bad".

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Like the mob in the 1999 version of The Mummy.

"Orange. Man. Bad. Orange. Man. Bad."

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There's nothing NPC about Chuck Schumer. He's a J.E.W. The difference is that he knows EXACTLY what he's doing and delights in it. That kike's hands must be really calloused from all the hand rubbing he does in secret.

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two of the most corrupt assholes this country has ever had. hay chucky suck on the hags false teeth, tired of looking at this mutt and jeff duo. after this country is torn apart by a revolution you two will be hunted down and brought to justice.hanging is too good for you.pelosi- TEAR DOWN YOUR WALL !!!!!

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Fuck. Just start mailing cards to leftists you know saying nothing but "White genocide". Wear gloves and buy the cards and mail them right away without touching them.

Scare them into reality.

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Border wall bad because shutdown bad.

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