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Allowing women to vote was a horrible mistake.

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who allowed them to vote? thats the question.... or rephrasing... thats the problem...

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The way I'm reading that, she wants to be treated like a pig.

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Clearly she's big fan of Deliverance.

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Just become a coal burner then

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I read it that she wants to make me a bacon sandwich.

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Anyone who uses the word "literally" in the form of evidence to make a point has nothing worth listening to. I have yet to see an exception to this.

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Haha you want me to explain my point of view with reason and evidence? You literally have no idea what you’re talking about. So much so that I don’t even need to explain why I’m right.

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That's another great one too, when they get huffy and pretend to be offended like their word alone isn't the absolute standard for evidence. And then they insist you look it up for yourself because by God, it's too simple an answer to waste any time explaining.

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I literally agree!

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Ah ha, but you see good sir, unless you are lying you are using the word correctly!

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Being hit in the eye with a 900 mJ, 50 Hz p-p CO2 laser will explode your eyeball ---- literally.

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What about a testicle?

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What happens to the time stamps?

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Notice the "all men are pigs" tweet got more likes and retweets than the one saying "women are equal to men."

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Can I get a septum piercing in here, stat!

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I am overall stronger than Brock Lesnar, literally my physical strength is. Im 5'9" 200# of pure domination.

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