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I love that it's a shitty Facebook meme

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This is the meme we put all our efforts into. When it goes viral, snopes will want to dispel the fake news about the twin, automatically redpilling everyone in the process, then we take that snopes piece that also explains holodomor, and we post it everywhere. Snopes is not censored.

edit: theres no immediate mention of bolsheviks in the wiki page that first comes up. Damm. Try again.

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I personally could be called vindictive. I never forgave the Turks and the fucking Venetians for Constantinople. Arabs are sand people nomads that should just die, and fucking Vienna? Hell yes you fucking Turks. As you can probably guess, I will never ever forgive the Bolsheviks, they even killed the children. Fucking Khazarian frauds. Me and my descendants will denounce them in perpetuity.

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Can we go fund a movie about the holomdor something as tragic as the 3789 jew halahoax movies that have been made? Has there been one movie qbout the holomdor? Has there been one movie about the supposed killing of gypsies in germany?

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This. We need a non jewish studio. Maybe mel gibson can help us out ?

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Has there been one movie qbout the holomdor?

Bitter Harvest (2016)

It's pretty good. It names the (((Bolsheviks))). Calls it a genocide. Shits all over communism from how it is applied to how corrupt the upper ranks and party members are. It portrays Christianity in a positive light. It never says that 90% of the Bolsheviks were jews though. Also, it probably only made it to the big screen because it twists the meaning into an anti-Russian movie and leftists hate Russian things, and this is ukraine nationalism put out at a time when Putin is in a war with them, so why not blame another genocide on whites? Sort of blame shifts, it wants the watcher to think putin is doing the same thing i think, but OVERALL it's more positive to have people hear of the holomdor and put 2 and 2 together about (((bolsheviks))) after learning.

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I dont care if its a shit movie if it does everything you claim it does.

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Hold the door more

Hold da door mor


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Thank you.

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This one is quality.

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lul use those low IQ consumerist mentality to teach them the ways

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I like the way this is going.

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I like this one.

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Bread basket to death casket

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Тепер я сумний :(

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