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It's amnesty internatuonal. Being in the same group as a man can be rape to them.

Remember kiddies, they also think jails are inhumane.

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Jails are inhumane. Depriving people of their freedom is inhumane.

That's why we call it punishment. It's not a fucking holiday camp.

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Inb4 feminists start calling this "money rape."

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That explains the mismatch in numbers.

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an award should be give to you for your comment

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The most horrifying thing about this is they're somehow trying to blame this on us or something. Like the issue with Mexico is Mexicans. The problem is that they're awful people who dehumanize and don't take care of each other. The more Mexicans end up in the US, guess what'll happen? I mean, look at LA, Chicago etc right now. Look at the MS-13 situation on Long Island. Central Americans should not be here. They are literally not good enough.

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If they were the kind of people we wanted here... They wouldn't want to come, because they'd have already made their own countries great.

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That's a REALLY good one-liner.
I'll have to use that sometime.

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Sounds good, but many good people have come to the US from war-torn, totalitarian, or otherwise economically fucked up places. You can't necessarily blame someone for the fucked up situation where they're born.

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It's almost as if the migrants aren't mostly women and children.

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Yeah, it's almost as if most of them are fighting age males with no respect for laws and customs that don't suit them.

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Trump: ~30% are raped

Fact check: 60-80% are raped


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I'm certain the leftist who posted the proof of trump's error didn't realize that 60-80% was mathematically more than 1 in 3. Because math is hard.

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probably thought 1 in 3 = 66% instead of 33% because the rart couldn't math

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It's all in the wording. Put in a big, bold "False" at the beginning; then begin the explanation with "in a recent report from Amnesty International, an organization ..." Then proceed to bury the 60-80% somewhere in a paragraph of filler. Extra points if you reveal the data like this: "sixty to eighty percent."

You can actually envision eyes glazing over.

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Every illegal immigrant is a unindicted felon. Seems they are getting started even before they get here.

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That's has to be an skewed statistic. Like "having sex you don't want to, but consent to, around the time frame that you broke into the country" type shit. There is no way that much raping is happening during crossing. They would have to have team of eager rapists willing to fuck anything and everything many times a day.

But now the libs will grab this as a new victim credential and say "she had to be raped just to come to this country (which I hate in every way) and you want to send her back after what she went through??!?1?"

Edit: disregard my questioning of the stat. The numbers add up just fine.

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Amnesty International is pretty notorious for these kind of fucked claims, right? Aren't they the people who think we should abolish prisons?

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They are. And they would abolish prisons only to replace them with re-education facilities for the rest of us.

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Amnesty went around the bend about a decade ago.

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I think we should abolish prisons too. Minor crimes can be punished with a whipping, and major crimes can be punished with death.

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"They would have to have team of eager rapists willing to fuck anything and everything many times a day."

They're called muslims. Jobless beaners are known to get in on the action as well.

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But the sheer numbers of rapists it would take and amount of times each rapist would have to do it each day is as absurd as saying 6 gorillon Jews were killed in a few years in small facilities with low staffing...

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They don't care if their bullshit is demonstrably false. When they get called on it, the retraction will be a small item on page 20, and if they still get called on it, it'll be "old news" and "time to move on".

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You prove that it's even worse, and his point is even more important. Trump is a master.

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