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If they do manage to have a child, he or she has no chance at a decent life. Poor kid.

These two freaks just want to be the first trans lesbian genderqueer couple to have a kid. How unique, brave and stunning.

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I hope that kid comes out as Hitler 2.0

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Considering, the suicide of one parent is likely, single-parent household, maybe some molestation and/or domestic abuse given what is statistically likely, this kid is going to get fucked up. Add to this the extra burden if it's a boy with no father figure, no masculine influence in school and only msm media's portrayal of men as semi-sentient beasts.

The best we can hope for here is a confused buffeted youth with no internal locus of self and a permanent drain on your tax dollars.

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Heil Hitler 2.0

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but it will be a good greentext story

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Because they are Stunning and Brave

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I received a trophy for every sports team I played on when I was a kid. I want to keep being rewarded for no actual accomplishments.

Happy Hanukkah!

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The first? Have you been living under a rock?

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I'm a screwdriver, my wife is a pre-op locknut, we're trying to make cabinets... it's complicated.

We've been sacrificing particle board to our fertility god, Ikea.

Edit: Removed the "n" from "I'm an screwdriver" to correct poor english, placed the "n" close by, niggerfaggot. Grammar Nazi service ticket closed.

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I don't know how to tell you this, but your wife has been cheating on you with a wrench named Alan.

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And inviting a diverse group of wood screws over to help make a polywood board frame.

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Goddamn scriggers.

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Daaaaamn you so gay you straight again

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What if it turns out this chick is a hot lesbian and the dude just pretended to be a woman so he could get the booty

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It's sad that the world has to work like this for a guy to get a girl now days..

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i know this site prohibits doxxing, but i managed to dig up a photo of him.

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding voat only prohibits doxxing of voat users.

Retards on twitter are fair game.

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click on the picture

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You're a dense fucker, aren't you.

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Rainbows are actually circular rings iirc. You can only see part of it if you're standing on the ground.

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Yep, from a plane they look like full circles.

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Why do freaks insist on having kids? Also how the fuck is a supposed lesbian dating a "trans woman" aka a guy in a dress, ok with getting porked like a straight girl?

Im starting to think Lesbians don't exist and its just women getting off with each other because no quality man will have them.

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Its called college lesbain.

In this case she just never outgrew the phase but her bio clock is still raging so this was the only logical move.

Can't admit that you are a normal woman who wants the wholsome houswife n kids life in current +3 year.

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This is what you call a bisexual attention whore. See there are lesbians who’s vaginas actually shrivel at the though of a flesh stick near them. Women like this though just want the likes.

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Correct. All women want a penis inside them. All women. There are those who admit it and those who lie about it. No exceptions.

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There are exemptions a group of real lesbians who have teeth in their vaginas and if a dick was ever to enter the teeth would clamp down essentially tearing the muscle from the body.

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It's not complicated. It's only 2 steps.

Step 1. insert penis into vagina Step 2. Move penis around until it squirts.

Repeat at interval until female becomes pregnant.

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Instructions unclear, penis caught in the stink.

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Proof they just want to be the most unique victim

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