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Oh, you think sewage is your ally, you merely adopted the stink. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the toilet until I was already a man; by then, it was nothing to me but another street!

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the jew fears the streetshitter

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Send them.

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Smells like home

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the spice is also good at covering up rotten food

plus a lot of the spices are anti-parasitical. Cloves, for instance, help to fight certain parasites.

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I laughed at the quote about it being “wholly ineffective”. It wasn’t even a little effective. Christ.

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I do rental maintenance in california (I know, I know). Indians are by far the messiest of tenants, take the worst care of the homes, complain the most just behind asians, and cant change a lightbulb to save their own lives. I feel bad for the owners

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I had an encounter when I worked as a tech and we'd get phonecalls about stuff. Anyway this indian/paki man phones up and the first thing I say is "alright so grab a cross head screwdriver" and he said "where do I get one of them from?". I just burst out laughing at the idea that a dude doesn't even have a fucking screwdriver is his house and told him if he can't work that out I'm not helping him fix anything because he'll damage himself.

He complained, and I got into an argument with my manager about useless fucks that are somehow still alive.

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All too true my friend

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Good god, a barbie bitch nitwit is more useful!

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Even leaving aside him not having a tool, to not know where to get one? Or better yet, how to deal with not having one? I have been in situations where I don’t have the correct tool and still manage to improvise. And I knew where to then go get the right tool for the next time I might need it. That guy had no idea what you were even talking about. Smdh.

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Asians, jews and blacks are the worst, nastiest renters there are. I dont know how they live like they do.

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I've seen both very clean and dirty black dwellings, Indians too but for Indians it's less than 5%in my experience. Especially the kitchens and bathrooms

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asians are only bad if you don't specifically include and present to them a clause of upkeep with penalties for not following guidelines

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I hear that many indian tenants in an apartment building fucks up everything by how they make food. Industrial grease cookers will destroy buildings in long run if they're not ventilated properly.

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Yup coworker mentioned he rented an apartment and his neighbors made him sick. I asked if they were Indian he said yes. He got instantly better after they got evicted. Facts don't lie people.

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Ding ding

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Out of curiosity, when you say Asians are the worst complainers, can you tell a difference by ethnicity? I would guess Koreans are the worst, followed by Han Chinese, then maybe Filipinos, Vietnamese and with Japanese being far behind the others.

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Filipinos in my experience are very nice and tidy. Most Filipinos I know also consider themselves to be catholic. Chinese/Korean are the worst.... I agree there.

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When you live on the edge of the Ganges, the smell of shit doesn't bother you

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Also rotting body smell.

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Le Gange? I heard they got a lotta nice girls there ah

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They all call her puta cuz no-one really knows her name

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Thats like spraying merlot to get rid of fruit flies.

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This is shoddy reporting. It actually attracted more of them.

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Their holy river is a litteral sewage canal in wich they bathe, so yeah...

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