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Talk to a public school guidance counselor. The number of biters who end up medicated into a frothy coma is sadly higher than you can possibly imagine.

Parenting is a big factor, so I'm told.

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Parenting is a big factor, so I'm told.

I would imagine so.

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Yes, but slap the catshit out of little johnny for biting, and you get to explain your actions to CPS, DHS, whatever your state calls it's childcare gestapo. If they don't like your answers then it's obviously your inability to cruelty free parent that caused little Johnny Rottencrotch to bite people.

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One of my cousins was threatening to call CPS on his dad because he was mad about having his cell phone taken away. My father delicately explained what state group homes are like. That shit stopped real quick.

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As a toddler, the neighbor's kid was a biter that took a chunk out of me one day. The mothers agreed to bite the little monster so he'd know.

I remember his screaming. He never bit anyone again.

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Actually its not even whether they like your answers or not but rather if they wish to incorporate your child into atheir child trafficking ringr

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All it would take is the mother giving the kid a good hard smack that he'd remember and it wouldn't happen again.

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From what I gather, the parents are too afraid of their children telling someone at the public school and CPS showing up the next day to take the kids to actually discipline them.

Catch 22 since that means the unruly shits become the problem of the school system which can't be parents so the kids just become terrors.

And now you have the explanation for modern America.

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More like lack of parenting.

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To be honest, in a world where your kids can lie when they're pissed off at you, and CPS will take them from you - it's probably fair to say it's a mix of both.

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This was posted word for word to bash.org years and years ago, and it was /thathappened worthy then too.

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Wonder if anyone has actually done it since the idea was out there....

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Old but gold.

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I jerk them up by the hair of the fucking head and spank their ass. Then I tell their kid to stop biting me.

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I met one once. He bit the wrong guy and got bitten back. Never bit anyone again.

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What kind of legal trouble would I get in if I hit a child that did this? Because honestly Im pretty sure my reaction would be to hit what ever bit me.. Ive hit women in the face (not intentionally) who have snuck up behind me tryin to do their stupid shenanigans.

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I know the feeling. (female) friend of mine once charged up and hugged me while I was walking down the street. My first reaction was to put my arm out to stop her, I would have hit her in the throat if I hadn't stopped myself in time, lol.

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you should get a bounty

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Great, now I have to pray some stupid nigglet doesnt bite me the next time I go to the store.

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I don’t care if it’s real, but that’s hilarious

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I don't know about this. Anything, and I mean anything, bites me on the calf and it is getting punted reflexively.

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Even a guinea pig?

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Especially them. Once a guinea pig tastes human blood, you have exactly 24 hours before it turns into a guinea wolf.

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