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... Was hospitalized

"Damn jew, we need you in tip top shape before we gas you!

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Wir haben dir ein Theater und ein Schwimmbad gegeben. Das Mindeste, was du tun könntest, ist, zu den Gaskammern zu laufen, du undankbare Schlampe!

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"Würde ich ja gern wenn ihr den welche hättet, eure Entlausungskabinen halten kein Gas"

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Ha ha ha ha.

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As a Jew, I resent that people blame poor Mr. Hitler for a crime that he didn't commit!

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Good for you. You can be one of the last ones to be gassed when we do the Holocaust for realises.

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i think the context of not gassing her was because the concentration camps were so cruel and twisted that they helped you while they hurt you. psychopathic shit. and they say this across the board trying to paint an ethnicity as evil. its all reflection, deflection and projection.

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stfu the way we understand the holocaust is kike bullshit

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You're right. I believe the popular? "historical reason" is that nazi's were so fearful of their captured prisoners having and spreading a plague to the regular soldiers that they decided to quarantine people who were suspected to be sick. But that also doesn't really fit the narrative they're spreading.

I really don't understand why there would be so much bureaucratic red tape to murdering a whole race? of people if that was truly their goal from the onset.

Also I have found out the more intelligent historians truly understand this too. But their response is "it doesn't matter, history deems they were evil so they are evil. There is also tons of evidence that many people died" Like it doesn't matter how many holes are poked into it. All that matters is that the citizens of a losing country in a war suffered and instead of the world's fault or the war's fault it's the country's own fault not only is it their fault it was their goal too.

It's probably honestly along the lines of propaganda that can never be uncovered in fear of causing huge social unrest.

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Trying to kill off all the Jews.

Has a hospital for the sick Jews.

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Pick one. LOL

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Duh, german efficiency/bureaucracy if the paper says this person is to be gased you gas it, even when you have to use medical supplies while you fight a war on several fronts against superpowers in the bigest conflict mankind has seen.

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Haha, I guess they just had that lying around. Very believable.

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Survived the Mauthausen concentration camp, but choked to death on the first peice of solid food he was given, just before liberation day.

Why was he given his first piece of of solid food (also, in how long?) before liberation day?

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To get your strength up for the gassing of course

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its almost as if the older ones chose to die so the younger ones would have enough food. or maybe the younger ones guilted the old into taking the hit. If there were any gas chambers to begin with.

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Total bullshit. Men and women were segregated in the camps.

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As a jew I have to agree that this is bullshit

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Six times at Bergen Belsen. The lie of Bergen Belsen being a death camp was debunked immediately, as western allies were the ones that took it.

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I know these posts are snarky dark humor, but for my two cents worth I visited BB camp in Germany; it's fairly depressing. And no long rows of ovens or gas rooms; either destroyed? or only a couple of mortuary-style single-body chambers to burn dead bodies. Maybe the issue was that it's in Germany; a small pair of rural towns south of Hannover. A highly depressing part of the camp were large burial mounds, towards the back, not so highly posted with German (and Russian?) text: "10,000 Russians", "7000 Russians", "12,000 Russians". Starvation? Executions? Prisoners? I got no sense that these large mounds of earth were anything besides what they were published as. But it was not advertised, no "go here" signs, just a small path to the back of the site. Just saying what I saw when I was actually there about 20 years ago.

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6 times ! Oy Vey!

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How fucking stupid do you need to be to believe this obvious bullshit?

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Very stupid, or brainwashed from birth like the rest of us, only some of us stopped believing the lies and now we are all collectively Hitler.

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I'm not a socialist, so I can't be Hitler. Not that he did anything wrong, I'm just not a fan of socialism.

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I read all the books on the Holocaust the library contained in middle-school. Makes you feel like a fool.

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I did nothing wrong.

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Wait, I think I can join in on this one too. There was this guy https://imgoat.com/uploads/c8956637a9/101510.jpg

Someone needs to tell him that it took TWO people for him to have been made almost 20 years after WW2 ended. They just can't help themselves.

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Math requires logic. Logic requires truth.

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"bro, releax, just call in sick"

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If the Nazi's were just murdering all the Jews then why the need for a hospital?

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To make them fit so they can work themselfes to death obviously.

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