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You thought niggers were feral?

Try working at a free Peppa pig concert.

New parents at their absolute most disgusting self entitled and disrespectful of anyone around them

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Was working at a shopping centre in west Melbourne that hosts a lot of things like Australian idol contestants. The official Peppa pig gig was one of them and was free for parents.

You get a bunch of consciencious non asshole parents showing up early with their kids who sit down patiently and wait. About 5 minutes before show time that's when all the ones with shit time management show up.

Every. Fucking. Time. There will always be multiple parents of the latter category that get rightfully called out for being complete cunts, because being on the sidelines isn't good enough for their child who is the most important child there, and it's not their fault that they couldn't get there on time, and they think getting in last means it's ok to kick peopl3 out of the way and sit on people as long as they get a spot front and center.

And they always respond to being called out, with getting violent and threatening the person who has done the right thing, and they will always mention something alone the lines of 'yeah but fuck mate that fucken cunt is just fucken rude no cunt fucken swears around my kid or I'll fucken kill them.

And you know why they're allowed to do that?

Because no one let's cunts like me get in there and eject the parents and kids (oh but poor kid, yes I agree poor kid. Poor kid just got a lesson as to what happens when adults are being fucking cunts, and the parents aren't 'enabled' by getting their way by being... violent and threatening, toward actual innocent parents and kids doing the right thing.

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Maybe the dems should run Peppa Pig for president in 2020. They would actually get a better president than Hillary could be.

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I would pay $54.00 to see this freak show in real life.

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Why do their faces all look like cock-n-balls?

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But seriously its probably because todays kids show animators grew up doodling cocks n balls on everything so now everything they draw has that flavor, even when they arent trying to

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What the fuck is a Peppa Pig?

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Children's brainwashing jewshit.

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I looked it up, you nailed it sir.

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This show looks awesome

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I only see one eye when they are in profile. Absolute disapointment.

Also why does their lipstick not look like lips but like they were just munching on some human?

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Seats around the edges are cheaper than those in the centre.

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Parents are willing to pay an extra $10 to get the fuck out of there when it's all over. Or are we talking about Hillary.

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Bill would still take a hummer from peppa pig over Hilary...

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I too would rather be with a literal pig than the Clintons.

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