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Q: What's the most common crime that transsexuals commit? A: Male Fraud.

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Oooh that's a gooder

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That is going into my repertoire.

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What did the tranny say to the school teacher? Nothing, the tranny hung himself a week prior.

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That tweet alone probably killed 2 or 3 of them.

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Shots for everyone! ...well, mostly the trannies, I guess.

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41% after that tweet

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damn that had layers

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I don't get it 🤔

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40% suicide rate.

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isn't it actually higher post-op?

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Trannys hate themselves more than anyone. Its why they scream so loud about us having to love them.

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Cause remember kids. Love Trumps hate. Except self loathing can never be loved out.

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Try to find a happy tranny, you can’t. You can find testimony of those who realized they were fucked in the head, but they are just empty husks, the only filling being regret.

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I have a happy tranny. 727 with kevlar bands and a reverse manual valve body. Has brand new filter and fluid sitting behind a black motor. Very happy tranny.

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Kike because of the shock factor. But Nigger is a close second. I spent all my after school time in high school calling niggers niggers on Call of Duty. Me- shut up nigger nobody can even understand your sorry excuse for english. Nigger- ill fuck your mom stupid cracker. Me- Fuck your own mom, we all know your dad aint around to do it. Nigger- Rages. Me- Stop flapping your big nigger lips i can hear the spit hit your mic. Nigger- Rage quits the lobby. Fun times.

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What's zipper head an who's it durogatory towards? Sounds like a metal band.

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Chinease, from the tire marks on their head when they were run over i believe

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a tranny is on the floor in a car, Just ask Hugh Grant! An Alphabet Gender soup LGBTQ just add human

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