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It's almost like race isn't a social construct, but that can't be right, right?

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Shit lord great post. I was late to the game.

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"Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That's why they're successful in life. I went to Seoul, South Korea, I went to Taipei, Taiwan. I went to Tokyo, Japan. That's why these people are so hard workers (sic). I'm telling you, the Oriental people, they're slowly taking over. "

--Robert Ford

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He's not wrong.

I live in the orient and I can testify to that. Of course lazy orientals do exist, but as a culture, they look down on lazy unproductive people.

Meanwhile, western society rewards the lazies with gibs and affirmative action. This is why the west will lose eventually.

Just FYI, white america used to be hardworking. That's how it became superpower in the first place. Not anymore, now everybody gets a trophy for participation.

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Choose one:

Having these other kinds of people to represent America is a good thing. i.e. diversity is strength.

Diversity is weakness: and having other kinds of people here is a bad thing despite any good things they can do for us.

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Controlled immigration of people who share similar culture, looks, religion and way of life and most importantly are ready to assimilate is, if you need it,a good thing.

Having Certain percentage of population who aren't your kind of people,but respect your kind of people and don't hart country's interests is okay assuming your group of people continue to hold large (at least, 70%+). majority of population.

Having any motherfucker who hates your nation in your country is not desirable.

Existence of critical amount of foreigners (20%+) in your country is very dangerous and bad thing, even if these foreigners like your nation and way of life.

Your nation not having super majority (90%+) in your country's ruling elite is even more dangerous and will have catastrophic consequences sooner or later.

as of these teenagers, this may be good or bad, depends how you look at the competition.

if for you it's competition between nations educational system, schools, universities, then, considering that these people represent 'your side', their win is very good, regardless of who they are, because, regardless of their nationality, in that kind of competition,they represent your schools.

if for you it's competition between nations, then, Americans didn't have a team there, these people don't and cant represent Americans,for one simple reason: they aren't Americans (i.e they aren't descendants of European people who colonized America) and they will never be.

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Diversity of thought/culture is bad. Unity of thought/culture is good. Skin/race generally indicates a different culture. If those of another race assimilate properly(forgo any allegiance to their origin country) they can be a benifit ig they are in small managable numbers. Jews can never fit into this because they will always have isreal to fall back on.

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The woman's presence proves that this was not a team chosen by merit. Most whites don't even know about the science Olympiad, and I got a lot further in it than you

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This is what the team actually looks like

The only ones to ever get laid will be the girl and the blond guy.

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Hey Look! A white dude!

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Unfortunately for Voat trolls, he's probably Jewish.

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You know he's just like the manager or something lol.

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Close enough.

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Let me guess, the girl's role in the competition is to carry that United States of America sign.

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Another user already pointed out that she isn't wearing the team shirt

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She's kinda cute tho

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She's not on the team. She is just there to hold the sign. She isn't wearing a team shirt. You think a girl is really going to earn a place on the math team? Seriously?

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There are voaters who don't give a fuck about race. Doesn't mean I'm not a race realist, there are differences but so what. I mostly deal with the top 20% of most groups I interact with anyway, the trick is not being poor.

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Same here I interact with people of all races,religions and ethnicities yet I understand that Im dealing with the top tier from all groups

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I wholeheartedly agree.

I'm an elitist more than a racist.

I'll be honest with you, I definitely talk to more rich black/jew/arab/hispanic in my life than talking to a homeless white, because the latter count is zero.

I suspect that many of the most racist people are poor and stuck in dead end jobs and venting their frustrations. You wouldn't complain about other race by putting all of them in one generic basket if you've met members of those race who benefited you financially.

There's a big difference between race realists and the edgy shoot mexicans, deport niggers, nuke israel crowd.

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yep, poor people suck.

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So you don't think countries should make policies based on race? You don't think race begets culture? You can give a fuck about race while still being empathetic and understanding in your personal life, while also understanding that, yes, intelligent blacks exist. What do you mean by not give a fuck? You don't care about being discriminated against by diversity policies? You don't understand that race is the primary determinant of voting demographics even when considering IQ and education level?

I also interact with high quality people in my career as well, but realizing these truths still crystallizes my worldview. You really do need to think in terms of race more. It's extremely useful.

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You read way too much into my comment.

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This doesn't make the people in the picture asian with american citizenship. not americans in my opinion, but for some reason everyone calls them that

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If you're going to photoshop some of the text, just photoshop all of the text. This image is no longer credible without a source.

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777 = tranny

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'Civic nationalism' has nothing to do with nationalism, because true nations are far from 'constituted' by signing paper documents. The Chinese are a true nation. 'Americans' are members of that formal organization USA.

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OUR asians are better than yours. Suck it China!

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Ya race doesnt matter! Race is a social construct.. ya only blacks have won gold in running and only asianz win math competitons but its all white oppresion! Wtf white people! Get some pride.

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RACE is a social construct, and RICE is what this American team eats.

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Was the Chinese team a bunch of white people?

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Non-white countries aren't doing the multiculturalism experiment afaik.

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