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Well you know, prime directive and all. Cant interfere with primitive cultures.


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Liberals love Star Trek I heard.


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Remember the natgeo cover of that starving kid and vultures in the background? I recall a recap of the photog that claims he was 'really saddened' that he couldn't help.

So many people have zero values and literally sell out their integrity for their paycheck out of nothing more than fear of losing what they've gotten used to.

I was a 17 year old cashier and some kid came in crying because his braces were cutting up his mouth and he only had 80% of what the dental was cost. I said don't worry about it and when my boss came up to tell me I just helped that kid steal, I put the $0.50 in my pocket in the register and told him 'the representative from the store told him he doesn't owe anymore, that's not stealing'. He balked but that was my first experience of questioning authority and learning they're cogs. I was a hard worker, I didn't take breaks, I was the only non-key that had a key and actually could be trusted with running the store because I tried to learn all the perspectives of the positions required to keep it going.

I had a sit-down with him and the district manager later that week to tell me if I did it again I'd be fired, but I was prepared, assuming I knew the perspective of all of them and told them 'then fire me today because I'd do that every day if I wanted to. I outwork all your employees and know I keep your budget down. Your photo lab was a cost center until I came in and learned how to fix and maintain the machines and now its the most productive lab in the state.' I know this because the kodak rep gave us free stuff and tells me every time he shows up and would regularly try to get me to leave to run their Target labs which were owned and operated by them.

Nothing happens. If you have a work ethic the only disrespectful/destructive thing you can do is encourage bad employees to question authority, that makes their job harder. don't help give lazy people an excuse to be lazy, I always did the opposite.

Rant I know


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What the fuck are you trying to say you gave some nigger money out of your store's cash register? And then trying to say that you weren't fired for doing so? Your story seems to be missing part of it, but it also seems that you are really fucked in the head and think that because someone cries you should give them things.


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That photographer killed himself. I feel that was the appropriate choice for such an impotent, worthless individual.

I'm glad you took action. <3


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That picture was a created scene too. It's all in the posing. The lines of food aid were behind the photographer, not 50 feet away.