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I know it is a joke article BUT these faggots should be grateful that they are still alive.

If they had tried this shit in over half of the county they would have at least taken fire.

If I had some lunatics outside my neighbors house at night yelling with bullhorns threatening to blow my neighbors house up I would have to act.

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Aye. I'll never live somewhere without self/castle defense laws. I definitely would have opened fire once there house started getting attacked, if not sooner.

Edit: reminds me to check up on the legality of defending a neighbor's house, if something like this happened to them.

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It really matters which state you're in. A guy in Texas killed two guys in his neighbor's yard after they robbed it and he got off but still had a legal battle over it. Other states don't even let you kill people who have broken into your own home. Missouri and some of the southern states let you kill any armed trespassers after a warning, even if it isn't your property.

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And that's why you need rifles. When someone tries to destroy your door and it's not law enforcement, you shoot through it.

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Agreed. I responded to a tweet which said that the leader of that group thought it was "tactically a bad move" to go to Carlson's house that if they had done this in certain parts of The South in USA .....they would have learned a big lesson about "tactics".

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Except the leader we hear on the video is most likely that same guy. I have an ear for voices and recognized giraffe neck from his appearance on Tucker's show.

I'm not the only one who thinks so either.

He used his soyboy squad to get revenge for a personal slight because Tucker let him show the world what a fool he is on national tv.

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same here my neighborhood is the wrong place to pull that shit in

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Pussy's would never try this in an other than gun free or gun illegal zone.

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In the state I live in and many other states that recognize the castle doctrine, the individual who tried to break down the door could legally have been shot and killed, particularly if he hit it hard enough to damage the door. The others with him who would likely have rushed to his aid could then have been shot for placing the homeowner in fear of her life by rushing at her door after threatening her extensively. After all, she knew she was dealing with dangerous psychotics.

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Those that would shoot through a still secure door with a crack in it would be taking a huge risk of being indicted for manslaughter or negligent homicide at the very least, even being a woman and in stand your ground and castle doctrine areas.

Fearing for your life is not a get out of jail free defense. Not being able to see your target, and not knowing what else is behind the door or target, is the Joe Biden tactical friendly-elimination technique, and is how innocent people are frequently killed in defensive use of firearms cases. Be advised, anyone that employs this technique should be prepared to spend a lot of money trying to avoid prosecution and incarceration. I know an individual that did just that, and hit the door kicker in the back with a single 9mm round as he turned around, severed his spine (dead), and spent his life savings trying to beat murder 2 and was ultimately sentenced with a lesser manslaughter charge. Not a good idea

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Innocent people is not relevant in this case. Damaging a heavy door shows intent.

In DC, that may not be grounds for use of deadly force, but in my state, he was bought and paid for. Not a jury in the state would find you guilty. Home invasions are not tolerated here.

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Ever watched the antifa videos where the Proud Boys hit back? Those fuckers never defend one another but try to sneak around behind like the jackals they are. Otherwise they run or hide behind the women who sadly deserve to be KO also but the Proud Boys don't hit women I guess.

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And THIS is why I love the 2nd Amendment

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Hmmm, sounds like 1) if they didn't want to be ran down, they shouldn't have tried to block my path 2) If they didn't want to get curb stomped, they shouldn't have burned that flag 3) If they didn't want to get shot in the face, they shouldn't have tried to break into my house

I'm good with it

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Even though the babylon bee is satire, its still glorious

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What happens if you call the cops and they don’t do anything? Are you, at that point, legLly allowed to shoot through your own door to kill the people trying to break in?

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No, however the recorded call of you saying your in fear of your life, wouldn't hurt.

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Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll be in that jury.

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Demofags are the brown shirts of the modern era

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