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So since I am this old I'll share a joke from the time: Q: How do we know what kind of shampoo Christa McAuliffe used? A: Because they found her head and shoulders on the beach!

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no. no.

bad boomer.

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Q as in question.

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Shes not dead. Take a look at this link and make up your own mind. http://www.rumormillnews.com/pix7/challengerhoax1.png

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If that's a psyop...what else is a psy-op...

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unironically, I never could see the resemblance of this woman and the asian guy, but all the others do seem plausible.

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I was gonna say. Technically he had the worse ride because she wasn't even on the exploded shuttle. Psyop.

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Outer space is fake and gay

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Exactly, it's about as real as Harry Potter's world.

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Fake and Jewish

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.....considering the guy on the right was a an escape goat that never drove the car in question....

So the first option....

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Space is fake so the first option is equally difficult to resolve.

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She’s still alive. Look it up. So are all but 1of the other Astro “nots”. A couple are professors at universities (shit, Resnick is at Yale), the Asian guy said he’s a twin of the astronaut that died. A couple other are CEO’s. Being killed off by NASA pays well!



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Voat thinks theyre woke but they still push the moon landing hoax and other nasha hoaxes. Thats how you know voat is full of jews (synagogue of satan).

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What is Operation Highjump? What is Operation Dominick? What is Operation Fishbowl? Who was Colonel Richard Byrd? What is the Book of Enoch?

We live in a snow globe anon.

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Voat's NASA love is indirect proof that it is the largest and most important hoax of all - you can bash almost anything on Voat, but no not NASA stuff.

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This looks like a great joke but I don't know who the guy on the right is

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He’s the guy who supposedly drove his car through the protestors in Charlottesville, killing some fat chick who had a heart attack.

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You mean that fat bitches heart killed her.

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Wasn't he running from a fag with a gun?

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So people on voat do believe that space is fake?


Next thing someone's gonna be like, "the earth is flat".

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Nah, it's just one dude with a thousand alts and a few of his pals.

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Because it is..

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Not too soon.

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Neither were in the Challenger. The pic of the driver backing down the street isn't him, and nobody died on the shuttle explosion. She is a professor at some college. Everything is a fucking psy-ops with these people.

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