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What if someone says black person, and I think of a monkey?

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that's called being a realist

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Democrats are more racists.

If they think that niggers are equal then why are they forcing affirmative action and diversity quota?

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Democrats definitely aren’t more racist. As a whole, they’re racist in the sense that they think less of blacks and they express that through positive discrimination. They’re racist, but not like really racist.

I hate niggers. Hate hate them. I want them all shipped back to Africa, and then I want them exterminated on the shores. So it’s different kinds of racism.

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You're wrong. Marxists are way more racist than everyone else. You'll see that they base all their achievements on the COLOUR of the person's skin. At the same time all their vitriol is targeted at WHITE people. They want the elimination of the WHITE race and want to import every kind of shit skin that exists. There is nothing more important than race to these faggots. Second in line is gender, which means they push for females to prevail above men. A non-white female hero is their ultimate dream.

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It is an insult to apes.

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I am a proud racist, thank you for noticing.

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Nah, just a realist.

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I'd far rather live next to chimps and monkeys than blacks.

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If you're not racist, you're mentally ill.

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You slightly disproved an old theorem of mine. It goes like this....

"The shorter a comment, the higher the chance they misspelled the word "you're" !"

As time goes on, you will often observe the effect I am talking about.

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If you said porch first then I would probably of giggled and then thought of my racism.

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