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Better life in poverty than life of slavery. Working for minimum wage is waste of time. You will never get ahed ,be able to save money, have time for education, have time for family. No wonder so many people give up, they lost all hope ..so fuck the system.

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I would gladly put every single nigger on welfare if they consented to chemical sterilization. Not reproducing would be their job.

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As long as you make or recieve one phone call completed per 31 days your obama phone will not deactivate, ever.

Many semi-niggers I know have 6 to 9 obama phones EACH.

Many are low end ZTE android that play apps. They use the multiple obamaphones for freemium games with daily perk limits tied to a google account.

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Better than them out raping, stealing, killing and robbing everything in sight.

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Job? What dat is?

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Lyrics by a socialist retard, sung by a retarded nigger, about nigger shit. Therefore ... the song is shit ... and you posted it here ... so does that make it a total shitpost?