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Male polar bears will eat their young. Polar bear mothers raise them alone. That's a mother and two children; one is just laying down and looks smaller.

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Yeah but bears shit in the woods, blacks shit all over their own neighborhood

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as mentioned before...

Science : Black Fathers worst on earth!

Astoundingly, nearly 92% of Black men eventually flee from biracial kids they themselves create!!! 92% Study from the CDC :


Countless Sociology papers provoked creation of a recent documentary by the Black community, that Black men flee their kids, even if THE MOTHER IS BLACK. 72% if black mother :

Refer to :


And 98% of mixed race kids get NO MONEY SUPPORT from black fathers EVER !:

ref "Table 6" of 2015 Science paper https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2625893

Except in EVERY television commercial, the worst fathers on earth are scientifically proven to be black as shown above.

A mixed race baby is never ever going to have a father and especially not a non-black father because no white man wants to be seen in public in a role that looks like he was "cuckolded" :


92% of Black men eventually flee from their own biracial kids

Though liberals hate science facts, Black fathers are no father at all.

Provably disgusting animals spreading their seed. Hundreds of years ago, few niglets would survive, but in white society we feed and raise and breed more niglets!

TL/DR : via gov welfare state, black breeding strategy works the best to outbreed whites. nigger dads don't exist.

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Blacks multiply like rats

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This is actually kind of dumb, male polar bears will hunt down competing young, so they can have control of the offspring. Im also pretty sire they bail way before the cubs are born, kind of like how it is with lions

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Today I learned

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Bears, Beads; Battlesrar Galactica.

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Can we stop spreading this flagrant bullshit? The father plays no role in raising the cubs in any species of bear. On top of that, infanticide - murdering cubs to bring a female into heat - has been observed in both of the species shown.

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