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Jimmy needs a nap

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should be permanent

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Honestly if you watched that video it damn well better be. That little shitstain was trying to get into a shouting match with the POTUS so that he could get a little attention on cable TV. Fuck that kind of behavior.

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press or protestor?

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Now Acosta doesn't even have to do the shitty job he usually does... he gets to play the victim and claim he's being persecuted for whatever it is he THINKS he's doing when he swats a woman's arm down so he can maintain his monopoly on the mic.

When the history books are written of this era, Acosta's name and face are going to go up alongside the likes of Baghdad Bob and others who were shallow and transparent vessels of Elitist propaganda.

I'm willing to bet good money that since he's now free of his responsibilities at the WH, CNN will probably give him that opinion show he's clearly been champing at the bit for all this time. He'll probably call it something amazingly disingenuous and pretentious like "The Resistance Hour w/ JIM ACOSTA", where he just spends however much time they want spewing the verbal diarrhea he usually does, except this time there won't be anyone telling him, politely, to shut the fuck up.

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Is that Admiral Akbar on his name tag?