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This makes it looks like black culture "kills" black crime rates, instead of causing them.

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(((Black culture))) promoted by the rich people in funny caps. The rap/music industry is run by them.

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Black on black crime isn't highlighted in news because it's the solution and fixing that doesn't help anyone.

Any time you see a black tries to guilt whites just turn the mic and remind them "I'ma worry bout me, give a fuck about you". They'll understand and go increase crime within their own regions. Businesses will dry up and they'll be right back in New Afrika.

There's no reasoning with a monkey. They can't make weapons and will eventually run out of bullets shooting each other.

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Indeed. Must have been done by a nigger.

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You are bad at memeing. It’s more like the dead guy is “black people” and the shooter is “black people” or “black gangsters/drug dealers etc.” and then it says why would white people do this.

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(((Fellow white people)))

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actually, if you look at the actual top of the food chain, it's not black culture that is the problem in the US but rather their Jewish Owners.

Seriously, zionists are literally in charge of music, hollywood and the media and they have force fed 'Gangsta Rap' down everyones throats since the 90's. This is the problem that created this culture.

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No the Jews are not trying to kill their customers. The Jews know gangster rap produces bad results but it makes money. So they switch off their morals and apply the saying 'Business is Business'.

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You are forgetting that the Israeli's love selling us tear gas, training our police. Their agenda is just that, destabilze the population, create a police state and make money on selling the weapons.

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why would jews run the industry that enables the culture?

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Blacks and whites have substantial differences that make it difficult for us to live side-by-side, of course social conditioning can shrink those differences to a point and make it tolerable. But social conditioning can also enlarge that Gap and make it untenable to have blacks living in our society. Which allows at the same time the vilification and victimization of blacks which puts them in the lower class allowing them to be utilized as an easy source of votes and cheap labor. It also allows the Jew to continue to pit us against each other and continue their agenda of controlling the world and the human race. A nation in chaos is easier to control from the Shadows than one that is banded together.

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Bravo!, right on the mark!, we must unite!.

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Amen. I don't see this point made enough on here. Divide and conquer

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That guy in the picture is a disgusting half breed nigger jew. Gross

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That’s a very liberal use of the word “culture”

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Why do mongrels get to IDENTIFY as black people?

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