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This is priceless. This should be posted every single day on every place she has a presence.

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Some of us old Goats can remember when Bill Clinton was the first Black President...

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It was true because he has a bunch of illegitimate kids, and is lazy and only concerned with sex. Think about that. His stereotypical behavior gave him that name.

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Isn't that the truth lol. It was comical then...even funnier today.

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I remember an onion article announcing Obama as the first straight white male president.

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Since when do they acknowledge facts at cnn?

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Who cares? Much like the vaunted caravan, it's now served its purpose and can go back into the memory hole, just like the caravaners can vanish into the Mexican black market.

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When everything about something is false, then sooner or later the wheels will fall off. Fielding all these fake wannabees sadly Fauxcahontas will be with us a while longer. Dems are full of fake Intellectuals that would not know truth if it smacked them in the Face.

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Relevant Warren song: https://youtu.be/PagafmDUlu0

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Warren's tribal name is Chief Spreading Bull.

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