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I swear to God if they have "writer" or "Author" in their bio you know damn well they are crazy! Poor English majors. They get fed all the postmodern deconstructionist bullshit, and they're terribly confused about the real world because of it.

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High verbal IQ™️ will do that

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I now know what's missing in my life. I need a room full of clapping seals going hork hork hork. I will feel like the most popular woman in town. Where do I find enough fish?

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Is the blue checkmark anything like a yellow star? I'm all for it being a yellow star for these retards. Lets me know which ones need to be sent first to the gas chambers.

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For some reason they have been giving themselves these ((( ))) as well.

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This is one of those beautiful aspects of separatism that leftists don't want to hear. The thing is, everyone likes apartheid to some extent, whether they admit it or not. The evidence is everywhere.

  • People always tend to group together based on race or ethnicity, without exception.

  • Even when they claim they are against this, they will try and identify themselves based on such classes. Like putting ((( ))) around their names, referring to themselves as "proud black man", starting their sentences with "as a European lesbian...".

  • They subconsciously promote separation on all levels. Let's remember that Harvard, a fucking pinnacle of extreme leftism, recently organized a graduation party for black people only. Think about the irony of this development.

  • So many people claim to love living in a diverse neighbourhood, but when you actually look at the numbers, city people are far more miserable than people who live rurally, where they don't have to surround themselves with ten skin colours and twenty languages.

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I've noticed that too. Anyway we get them to wear the yellow star one day?

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plz gib me retweets

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I heard all of the things happening in panel two.

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how come my cartoon frog twitter handle NPC-281493 doesn't get a blue checkmark when all i do is copy-pasta the same shit as my other NPC-***** comrades?

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Great drawing of a fat and ugly jew tranny.

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It seems to be a popular opinion on Voat that President Trump is literally not as good as Hitler. Blue checkmarks for everyone!


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Everyone on Voat knows Trump isn't close to Hitler with his Jew in-laws.

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Nothing against Hitler, but he didn't have to deal with state of Israel that was blackmailing everyone with nukes. Also, Trump has not finished yet, so final judgement should be reserved for now.

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