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Funny shit, but Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, the dude who said Guam will tip over if too many service members were stationed there (with a straight face) and a few others come to mind.

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Hank Johnson... worried about Guam tipping over.

Maxine Waters... asking if she could see pictures of the American flag planted on Mars. And saying we should do something about Pew-tin from invading North Korea.

SJLee... "Our 400 year old Constitution".

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And her pedophile boylove bling diamonds ring

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It's not fair to include those niggers. They already have mental retardation

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We need to kill the retards, stop bein nice to those evil little childlike people.

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Watching the face of the general or was it admiral? When he says that is hilarious and tragic. Also he is a lesson in keeping a sober face and his thoughts to himself.

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He should have told Hank Johnson that they had already thought of that and that they were going to install huge outriggers to stabilize the island.

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Idgaf id still give her a damn good dicking

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Never put your dick in crazy.

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My entire romantic career seems to involve sticking my dick in crazy im well practiced at getting the job done.

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Nor a (taco) nigger. That's how you get diseases and disappoint your ancestors.

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You see, that's logical advice. But the libido is not logical, and crazy can make for a great fuck.

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I'll have to pass, she probably hee-haws during orgasm.

[–] i_scream_trucks 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Dont care. Got dick wet.

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White men who can't keep their dick in their pants is why we have to deal with all these mestizos and mutts.

[–] i_scream_trucks 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Im horny not a cunt

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In glad I'm not the only one. I pretty much want a socialist blowjob from her

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Really? I think I'll pass

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Her people voted for her.

Mormons voted for Romney.

Muslims voted for that Muslim in MN.


People vote for their own. Democracy is just a racial headcount. Politics is a consequence of identity.

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If only there was a half Asian/White candidate for me...

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yet another reason mongrelizing society through miscegenation is a bad idea

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I think there aren't enough blind bus drivers , this enables sight normative behavior

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I'd like to see her in a debate with Trump.. Hahaha

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I'd hardly say the first, but she sure is clueless.

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that tells you what's wrong with NY

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I seriously believe it might be something in the water.

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NY water is some of the cleanest in the world. It's so healthy it makes the dead rise from the grave to vote.

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And NJ. Too many filthy beaners.

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And her mental challenge clearly shines every time she speaks....geez, she is just so stupid that it’s not even funny.

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