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Sounds fake

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Way to go Inspector Gadget

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Yeah, this sounds like a wetdream. Skeptical.


Well. looks like the fake news is reporting it's true.

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Maybe the point was to get the fake news to report this. It wouldn't be the first time they took something fake and ran with it. It's lose/lose for them. Either they get suckered again, or are shown to not truly care about the invaders caravan coming here. It won't sway many of their useful idiots, but the ones that are swayed will add up.

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I was on board til I read, no word from the Democrats...

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Sounds like the dumbest shit that I've ever heard. A random caravan of people emerges right before midterms, tapping into white anxiety that the brown folk are coming. Cui bono? Extreme right wing candidates who promise to be tough on the border. Gee, those Democrats must be strategical geniuses to pull that one off.

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Could be, but also could be real, jsut take a look at the lefties in Europe who encourage the mediterranean and then cry that so mayn drown.

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You mean the mercenaries hired by human traffickers from the gang infested region of the country might have turned out to be criminals?

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They are good hardworking people. The word criminal is just a dog whistle

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Nahhh no wayy

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Too bad this isn't real. The cartels are probably encouraging such a thing to plant more drugs in usa or send more gang members to protect their drug empires.

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You talk like as if the cartels are a unified, monolithic group as opposed to loosely affiliated clans whose only loyalties are to themselves with thugs who are barely kept in check by drugs, money, guns, and women, and the promise of more violence.

I don't doubt that there were kidnappings as these would not put a dent on future "caravans" hoping to cross the border in the same way.

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What? Since when is a massive military presence at the border good for their business? Besides, most dope comes through at the port of entry anyways.

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Well maybe not. They might be seeing too much heat over these big movements and are trying to thin them or break it into smaller parts.

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The cartels will get involved. "Carry this to America, Pablo will be expecting you."

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Dems: "Who?"

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Call me fucking surprised /s.

If this turns out to be fake I will be surprised. If not, it makes sense. These Invaders migrants are making the wall all the more likely. That will harm the cartels' drug sales in the US. It makes you wonder if all those shitheads funding this even thought ahead about how others would react.

Heads up their asses. Heads up their asses.

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Human Trafficking is a real thing. Sounds legit.

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jews gonna jew

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