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tbh a boomer proudly declaring she never marched for nigger rights is one in the plus column

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Cheering on senile frontholes is like clapping for dementia.

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fucking retarded

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I've met several of these aged Leftists in my time. While I respect my 'elders' as a general rule, these ones are best left alone. They tend to drone on and on and anything you say or present will not change their minds. Ignore them. They are quite pathetic if you engage them, and are a waste of time and energy.

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Boomers are thick, dense, argumentative, self-important, self-absorbed, destroyers of the universe, and masters of their own bubbly echo chamber. Sometimes they just happen to be far, far left.

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I'm 64 and I'm a Republican I refuse to talk about Politics with older people, because they flip out if you tell them you voted for President Trump. Lol Then I'll have to cuse a bitch.

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your point is? Ill bet your mama is a boomer.....

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Basically my parents are like this. It drives me crazy as they can't stop talking about politics, but if you try to challenge them they engage NPC mode.

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I'm lucky my parents are pretty open minded, and I often get my mom to agree with my more radical libertarian positions.

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I like the ones that talked about killing gooks.

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"We used to stack gooks like you six feet high back in Korea.... used you as sandbags..."

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Kek, my grandma told me stories about how my grandpa (RIP; he was a Texan good ol' boy) used to go "coon hunting" with his White friends, meaning that they would cruise around in a pickup to fight niggers. Better times.

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i cant fucking stand my elders 85% of the time,

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Just ignore them, you're going to be old one day so.......

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This is honestly really fucking pathetic. She waits to 'protest' until it becomes socially acceptable to do so. Weak as fuck.

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Dual citizenship she's been living in Haifa, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Tel Aviv all this time, most places she lived are now fucked, locals would not marry her so decades later batshit crazy old cat lady she moves to America to retire and collect her shekels from US citizens

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I wish she had decided to start protesting on top of the WTC on 9/11.

Ignorant, selfish, boomer NPC bitch.

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Yeah, no shit. "That's right, I didnt March and protest until it was about me, me, me, and my single voter issues, but I'm elderly. So I'll surely wind up on le front page of reddits and be worshipped because someone will be like, "hey, if this highly respectable old woman, who we hated just like McCain, before McCain became endorsed by democrats, can get out to help vote le orange man drumpfle thin-skin 😠 (I'm not mad, orange Cheetos drambled sclompf is mad!) out of office, why come can't you?" and I'll have my fifteen minutes of circlejerk, self-important internet fame!"

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Pretty sure she's Silent Generation (ironically).

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It's actually a great metric of how weaponized the legacy media has become. Creating zombies with their 4AM news drops which apparently circulate to late night show hosts as well. They all read the same anti-Trump stuff verbatim.

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Jim Crow was a valid response to the negro problem.

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I wonder if boomers will ever know how despised they really are.

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what get sme is all the NPCs cheering it on....seth meyers and amy schumar and kathy griffin....


(also..no one mentioned Iraq...or wefare to work signed into law by bill clinton.......odd.

oh i know!!! its because they are NPCs!

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