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Eugenics fuck yeah!!!

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its not technically Eugenics if its self imposed -> no SJW outrage

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Yaaas queen slay (that fetus)

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Not true. There were two major divisions of the Eugenics movement, Positive Eugenics & Negative Eugenics. The names broadly referred to positive and negative reinforcement as the pressures exerted to effect population & genetic control. Positive eugenics was represented most strongly by the American Eugenics Society and promoted means such as emerging Birth Control technology so that undesirables could sterilize themselves. Facing public backlash and dwindling support after WW2, prominent members (including Margaret Sanger) segmented from the AES and founded the American Birth Control league, which in turn became the Planned Parenthood of today.

If you're actually interesting in this subject, i recommend "War Against the Weak" by Edwin Black.


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By that logic, it's not genocide if it's "self-imposed"......

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I look at the "blue wave" freaks out there with their purple hair and blubbery anatomy and smile. They will not reproduce, but we will.

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That's not how they reproduce: They use universities for that.

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Don't let someone else teach your kids. Teach your kids to value themselves and teach them to think critically for themselves. Don't let them be swayed by emotional arguments. This will stop them from getting infected.

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Let's burn them down!

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I say this all the time, they reproduce by infecting others. Much more sinister as you'll try to steal your daughter and turn them into that.

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Not entirely unlike viruses and the way that they reproduce. Viruses are also the NPCs of the microorganism world.

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i thik that too...but almost everything dems do is just talk.

remember that huge pussy hat march? i wonder what percentage of them actually voted before the march? it happened after the election right? there will millions of women financialy able to take of work for a few days, but a hat and go yell stuff for 3 days right?

i thought the same thing about the blue wave too. is it still around? i know its a twitter thing but....republicans have won just as many races on average as before no? democrats really killing it in the special elections.

its all just talk and no action.

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It doesn’t matter if you can afford your baby, you are still paying for theirs whether they kill it or not.. They make more per month keeping it.

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Then Planned Parenthood centers should also be welfare offices.

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the put a wood nickel on side of the left knee and hold it along with the right knee.... KEEPING YOUR LEGS CLOSED ,,, what a piss poor excuse

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The issue I see is many of those "white women" who actually get abortions are coal burners. We still want that shit aborted!

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Hmm... idea for another campaign "Dear black men, while you're locked away, your unborn baby is being raised by white people. Women can have more children, you only have one chance at fatherhood."

But we all know that shit won't work.

"Dear black men, did you know you have to pay child support so a white person can raise your baby? That's reverse reparations, and it's racist."

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most black men dont give a shit about their children, neither would work. having a white person raise your kid is a "fuck you" to whitey for blacks.

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Views on this post are at 1468.

Let's see if we can get them to 1488!

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Beautiful. I'd like to see this go viral.

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