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I've never seen an IQ in the negative before, interesting

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In her defense, it does seem to be plenty aromatic.

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I can smell her from here and I live in 'straya.

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Haha. Does melanin smell like shit? Because if it did, that would explain things.

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Implying that black people are made of 100% melanin

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They aren't? Damn, anybody know of any dead nigger storage facilities?

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Just get him out of here before Bonnie gets home.

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Not my garage

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I was driving by this guys house and he put up a sign that read “dead nigger storage” in his front yard.

I hear he drinks good coffee because his wife’s always buying the cheap shit.

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Well that would explain a lot.

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Gotta have some room for muscles, used to get gibs and riot.

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We’ll have niggers chopping off body parts to sell to “da whyte mayne” now. Stupid niggers.

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We should convince them this is real, they will kill each other even faster.

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Damn this beats Margaret Sanger idea. Hillary would definitely embrace it.

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GOOD IDEA! im going to live stream me asking homeless black people for limbs. kidding, then we would have to support them even more. maybe I should ask for something like their heart?

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They dont have hearts

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They already do, except they want albinos .


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produced with convential technology

Yeah there's your fucking problem. I mean, there's one fucking problem, excuse me, the main one that the rest hinges upon. You know how fucking expensive it is to manufacture and produce biomolecules completely absent of any sort of in vitro solution or host? Fucking EXPENSIVE. Melanin is a protein, and proteins are comprised of a ton of different parts that all need to be attached in the right order and folded in the right way, on the molecular level.

Believe me, if we were harvesting niggers to sell melanin, that price would fall through the fucking floor.

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Believe me, if we were harvesting niggers to sell melanin, that price would fall through the fucking floor.

So there's a niche in the market to fill you say?

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Then why is the black community so poor? They are swimming in dead niggers.

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Cos they can't swim?

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Chinese will sell it for less than $0.06 a gram. Fuck this shit.


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Just another thing they harvest in Africa.

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No you have to convince the chinks that ground up nigger has magical curative properties and makes your dick harder than rhino horn

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Wtf is going on in the search bar

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They'll believe anything that shows whites as their oppressors. Who created this hoax?

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