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They're both disgusting. I love the masculine/ugly Chloe Grace Moretz meme, and she's as much of a bitchy, entitled cunt as any other feminist.

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I would grab her by the hair and throat fuck the shit out of her until she gets back in order and aligned with the views that can help secure our future as a race

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My understanding of such sentiments has grown over time.

Emma Watson, for example, is a filthy cunt, but I do get her appeal, especially ten or fifteen years ago. When I asked my husband if he thought she was cute (not a trap - I am genuinely fascinated by what he finds objectively attractive or unattractive about women, and he gets asked things often), the conversation eventually led to my first exposure of the concept of a hatefuck of this variety - not just angry sex, but with a certain flavor of "corrective rape".

...And I think I get it.