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We have all the diversity we need in the white race only in this little Europe continent. Also, a wide diversity of nations, languages,cultures, histories,...All united by a common christian value core. Well not anymore thanks to (((them))).

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🇵🇰they🌙 and (((them))).

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I attend University of Baltimore. The student body is pretty diverse, except that the majority is black female. I'm a Russian (white) male and I'm a minority in most of my classes.

I started a new class with one of my professors is an old Russian man, who had a hard time with some of the English instructions on the projector and asked for help.

The class (mostly black female) started talking about "wtf was the university hiring," and "omg, why do i have to put up with this" and other rude comments about him being foreign.

I said, "I think it's good to have diversity in the faculty." Fucking silence.

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Silence from blacks? Bullshit.

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Even niggers know not to mess with a Slav squatting in an Adidas tracksuit

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They were trying to process what he said. It's like when you overload the servers, they just stop.

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other rude comments about him being foreign.

Generations of teaching/forcing them to exercise everything but their mind made that rubberband brain dried up and unable to expand.

Here's the thing about darkies. You have to ignore them. While most whites are quietly thinking to themselves and evaluating their stance on life, they're thinking outloud and confusing each other. Ever notice a darkie will blame you for "getting them heated" to the point where they "wildout"-of control? Yea we're voice controlled, but they share a group voice and that's the reason they're SO FUCKING LOUD in public. It's literally the tiniest of strings that separates them from the primates. The only darkies that thrive are those that stay quiet and don't contribute to "the group".

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(((And whites are to blame for all the blacks being killed.)))

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Those white genes are actually a global minority. Wth mass immigration, it'd be gene genocide.

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They don't. Asians do for some reason.

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What a beautiful shape of eyes dark skin people have!

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Interesting concept. Never thought about eye color, but then again, I don't judge anyone by color, eye or otherwise.

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