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Fuck cats.

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This. Cats are vile disgusting creatures. They are the most self absorbed useless animal. They don't give a FUCK about you. If they were big enough to kill you, they would. Cats expect you to feed them and give them attention when they demand it. Also their piss is the most repulsive smell on earth.

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A cat is fine, too.

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We also have gone back to tablets to write on.

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Cat women probably destroyed that civilisation as well by not heeding danger because of Toxoplasma gondii.

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Facebook and cat references getting upvoated in here? What in all fucks is going on? Another faggot attack or something?

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Not tru - where the kangz?

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How do we write on a wall asshole?

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The thing on facebook is called a wall. Actually only the first half of the image loaded, the bottom half was blurry, so I thought it was talking about censorship, which I found much funnier than the actual picture.