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Windows 10 and its lack of user control over how it uses your time and power is a fucking travesty. Fuck Microsoft. And fuck Cortana. Fuck their tracking and forced adverts.

I truly despise what these weazley fucks are doing with modern Tech and how it's being turned against the consumer.

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If you want control, total control , go with a Linux distro.

You may need to keep a Windows machine or dual boot for games.

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They think they're too big to fail; they always do. Pride goeth before the fall.

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If you treat the updater like I used to treat the by-hand removal of malicious software, you can lobotomize Windows 10 to the point where it never asks you about an update, never forces or hijacks a shutdown or restart.

10 is still shit.

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I've stopped at 7 so far.

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On my laptop the only thing with win 10 I did just that.

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I see what you find there. I think.

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What bothers me is how electronics makers continue to allow these updates to brick their TVs and consoles. That's just fucking moronic. I recently encountered my first bricked product from an update. That is just messed up. The consumer should have the ability to unfuck the product.

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That's a feature, now you have to buy ANOTHER product for 800$ engineered to fail.

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Thanks for your quality information.

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Give'em your feedback.

They made zero changes based on mine. Perhaps yours will result in change.

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Why's it have to hurt like this? I miss how we used to be, when you were XP.

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