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I actually used to believe the whole "religion of peace" narrative. I was very well indoctrinated in high school.

Then I had my first deployment. I don't think I've ever radically changed an opinion so quickly.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the savage's "culture" is the value they place on life- rather, the absolute lack of value they place on life. There's something very unsettling about watching "casual violence" or seeing the aftermath of it, even when you're at war.

But this is how they live. We get into a fight in a US high school, we get punished, even if we were only defending ourselves. We're constantly told that "violence is the absolute worst thing in existence and it should never be used under any circumstances". Meanwhile, the savages are teaching their children from the moment they can speak that "the jew must die, as well as the White man". We're operating at a HUGE disadvantage simply due to this difference in culture.

And we're seeing the result of mixing this savagery into civilized society- Europe. It's kind of sad, like watching a little toddler being bullied- then the toddler thinks "Maybe if I give the bully my cookie, he won't hit me again?" So they give the bully their cookie, the bully laughs, eats it, and punches the poor kid in the face; Europe is the toddler and the savages are the bully for that analogy.

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I see, thanks for elucidating your thoughts. But I think culture is simply a component: their savagery is innate. Just like you cannot teach the average white man the Arab culture of gang raping a woman to death, you cannot teach the average Arab to intrinsically value morals and decency. They are predisposed to violence from the moment they were born. The inbreeding serves to make the problem even worse, reducing IQ even further. I fully believe compassion for life other than your own to be a genetic trait, and the vast majority of the sandniggers lack the genetic foundation for empathy. This can also be seen in chinks, who will casually stomp some kid to death. This is not something that can be taught. This behavior is instinct. You cannot teach somebody this casual indifference to absolute brutality.

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This is true, it's a genetic. You said it better but I just wanted to post my agreement.