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It's also the fact that America is a generous Christian country. But when American forgiveness is worn out, American wrath is fearsome. The Muslims do not realize what they are getting into. This isn't a border skirmish, or jockeying for power. When America is provoked, entire cities vanish overnight. Ask the city fathers of Dresden and Hiroshima.

And since Muslims appear to be hell-bent on acquiring nuclear bombs, all of Islam is likely to get the full Carthage treatment: nothing left but ash.

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Then we can focus on those faggy canadians

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Unlikely. Christianity has been max emasculated by the deep state. They think they will do the same with islam

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What you say is true, but the last part isn't quite right.

Pakistan, or the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" as they call it, has been a nuclear power since 1972. It is a Muslim Theocracy, and its name literally translates as "The Land of the Pure". They have never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty or the Test-Ban Treaty. One of the leaders of their nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, publicly apologized in 2004 for selling information and technology to countries like Libya, Iran, China and South Africa. He was trading nuclear technology to North Korea in exchange for rocket and missile technology as far back as the 70's and as late as the early 2000's.

I doubt we'll ever see large scale nation-state nuclear war, simply because of the ol' mutually assured destruction. If Pakistan ever tried launching a few, they would be absolutely annihilated by India, and maybe the US and Russia as well. The scary threat back in the 70's and 80's was that Libyan's would set off a nuclear device as some sort of terrorist attack, and there would be no nation to fire back at. I guess that's still the real threat today, just not from Libya.

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They've been threatening India constantly. Blowing a hole in Pakistan that covers every square inch of Pakistan seems like a sensible idea to about a billion people.