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i am curious if they're more hateful towards american way of life or just the fact that joos have infiltrated and used americans to invade many middle eastern countries. or both.


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most of the turks, moroccans and arabs i've met do acknowledge that israel has somewhat of a grip over us, but do not understand me when i tell them (((they've))) been running the show for centuries, and that the usa (and europe to a lesser degree in our age) is merely their fighting dog in whatever conflict (((they))) start.

they think we simply love the jews and hate the muslims. to some degree this is correct, although they do not understand why the general western population thinks this way.

they also have no idea about how the jews and muslims have been working together for centuries. i say working together but it was more like jews using muslims as their fighting dog instead of western nations. or using both.

in the end, they're simple to the core. any non muslim nation attacking a muslim nation is a direct attack onto islam itself. this is why they hate israel, europe, and the united states.