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Why are the Russians and Chinese the nations left that know how to deal with shit? How did the males of the USA become such cowering faggots.

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It's because the Russians and Chinese have lived beside, and thus had to deal with these savages for centuries.

Westerners only started dealing with middle eastern savages like 30-40 years now. We haven't had the time to learn that the only thing they respect is strength and force. Those of us that have served in the last few wars know this firsthand, and trust me when I tell you we are very frustrated that so many people don't see the truth of the matter- these people despise us. Not just the Taliban- all of them. The women, the children, the elderly: they all curse the USA and Americans under their breath while preying on our generosity.

EDIT: Since a lot of folks seem to have missed the point, when I said "We haven't been dealing with middle easterners for more than 40ish years", I meant in the modern world. Yes, we had our clashes with them in the past- but hundreds of years ago. My point is the Russians and Chinese have never had that luxury of a several hundred year gap in major dealings with arab savages, which is why they've never forgotten how to deal with them.

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They're scum but you can hardly blame them for hating us, we've been fighting (((wars))) over there for decades.

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It's also the fact that America is a generous Christian country. But when American forgiveness is worn out, American wrath is fearsome. The Muslims do not realize what they are getting into. This isn't a border skirmish, or jockeying for power. When America is provoked, entire cities vanish overnight. Ask the city fathers of Dresden and Hiroshima.

And since Muslims appear to be hell-bent on acquiring nuclear bombs, all of Islam is likely to get the full Carthage treatment: nothing left but ash.

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Couldn't have said it better. It's startlingly obvious to me when I make eye contact with them that they are disgusted by us, they look at me like they look at maggots, especially the elderly and their fat, goblinoid women. They see us as weak cucks ripe for the taking. It is frustrating that other don't notice this. These vile savages see generosity only as weakness. Literal invasion force.

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i am curious if they're more hateful towards american way of life or just the fact that joos have infiltrated and used americans to invade many middle eastern countries. or both.

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Wrong. How to deal with shit: make Islam illegal, thus forcing it's followers either to a) immediately leave the country, b) choose martyrdom. If b) remove kebab.

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I'm a huge fan of how China bills the family for bullets used in executions and how Russia uses pigs to clean up the remains of suicide bombers.

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It's the jews.

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bacon and beer. We'll have those fuckers praising Jesus!

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Alcohol and various pork products are main staples in (formerly) Christian countries like Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and England. It's in our heritage. Even Jesus turned water into wine to keep a party going. This is the type of conversion tactic that I like.

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most muslims in eu do this because the rest arent watching them closely lol

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Apparently, there's a doctrine which allows any Muslim to ignore any part of Sharia as long as it furthers the greater goal of global Sharia.

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The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but God bless'em!

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a lot of muslims eat pork and drink alcohol especially those in power and then they pretend to be pious and shit

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It takes a pretty warped view of reality to think being forced to sample beers and pork is evil. I'm sure the rest of the situation isn't ideal but come on I know what punishment I'd choose if I could.

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What crush? They're getting free party food! This is classic "don't throw me into that briar patch". It reminds of of the muzzies we taught who were horrified they "had to" date sluts and drink like fish to fit in with other students.

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Imagine if you can, a prison system so cruel and inhumane that prisoners are given daily rations of beer and pork

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Beer and pork bologna. No. If it's single malt scotch and gourmet BBQ I'll do the time.

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Breaking News: Man forced to live freely and make own decisions

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That's it I'm going.

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Aloha Snackbar! Oh no, you guys caught me! it’ll take months to re-educate me!

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BRB, heading to China, going to claim to be Muslim.

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