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Well taken to its inevitable conclusion the idea of Racisms is a bit high concept and amorphous. A good clever student could easily reach this conclusion, especially when everyone is calling everything racism.

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Inevitably the left redefines the words and we end up with less words to describe things.

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Makes sense. 1. Humans are living things. 2. Classifying humans is racist according to "progressives". 3. Therefore, classifying living things is racist!

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Doesn't make sense. Regressive classify humans into all sorts groups for identity politics.

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But not by biology. According to leftists, make-believe somehow turns into physical reality just because you say so. They’re all magical wizards in their own minds I suppose, meanwhile creating Venezuela and Cuba.

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Probably fake but funny as hell.

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gen z is fake !?!?

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He's right you know.

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no they don't. They don't even understand what gender they are.

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You’re think of Millennials mostly. Gen Z is growing up with an immunity to the kinds of faggotry my generation bought into. Gen X and the hippy Boomers are cancer too by comparison.

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Not really true. There was a poll done on gab and it's actually boomers who make up most of the user base. Gen X'ers come next then so on.

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We're all black monkeys on Starship Erf.