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Because professional bullshit artists (i.e. lawyers and politicians) don't need to use logic in their arguments. They will make multiple contradictory statements and hope you're dumb enough not to notice their bullshit.

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Yep. Get everyone trained to believe they will be punished for thinking for themselves. One episode of The View is equal to like 1 weeks worth of brain washing.

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unlike our amazing current president who never contradicts himself on a daily basis

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this is the laziest shitpost I've seen all day.

You get no good goy points. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 shekels.

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“These idiots will believe anything we tell them.” - Democratic leadership

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Awesome. This also needs to get plastered everywhere.

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I tried to give it a drink, but I guess I was too plastered.

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I saw a liberal on Fox news talking to Tucker the other day and in the same 5 minutes Xe said the economy was good because of Obama then tried to point out how great the economy was under Clinton. If a Democrat president has a great economy, it's because of what they did. If they have an awful economy, it's because of what the Republican president before them did. The hardcore Republicans do the same thing.

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Thanks Obama!

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He is trying to take credit for Trump probably why he tries to wreck him. He has to go against Trump to cover for the problems he himself committed.

Things are not that bad though, because Trump is in power, and Obama can only do all he can do to say that things are bad because he thinks things are bad when the country is majority white still and still relatively conservative culturally speaking.

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obama is a bad boy

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Niggers invented America didn’t you know? THEY BUILT IT-cnn

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Lamo Edit.Lmao

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You don’t habe to say edit we all make typos were not jesus

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