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or as they like to joke in russia...

in capitalist america, banks rob YOU

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i think it goes

In Soviet America, bank robs YOU

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In soviet Russia everything robs you.

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Give a bank a gun and it will rob the entire universe.

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Give a world a bank, and it'll rob a gun.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUyWmmWtcFM it's mostly about history so if you want to skip the first 9-10 minutes, it's not important to the lesson at hand, or simply ignore it and listen for things like the income tax amounts and stuff like that is important. The income tax was originally 1% or less.

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Give whites Holocaust guilt and they'll stand by doing nothing while that man takes over the banks, news media, government, entertainment media, and legal profession.

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Seems pretty fucking ingenious. If whites are so smart why haven't they caught on and instead keep getting cucked by this?

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Because whites aren't united the way jews are

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Give a bank a gun and it becomes the government.

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The nose isn't quite right.

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Good luck getting out of one of those fuckers alive if all you have is a gun

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Banks have their purpose, especially the central bank, once you don't reel it in enough or give it enough freedoms in a certain context, then it runs away and you get these powerful international banks and major banks like Goldman Sachs.

The government has only taken a gun out to invade foreign countries for the benefit of bankers, while leaving our main corporate sectors and Stock Exchange vulnerable to foreign infiltration and foreign entities buying up economic power on them. The only thing you can do is sit back and watch it all collapse, and as the banks centralize as we saw a while back with the Lehman Brothers and such you know the end to economic progress is coming soon. Trump will not be able to save it, it is that bad.

A good instance of the central bank being built on violence though is the Whiskey Rebellion. That said, the reason behind getting rid of them only leads to more violence. The factions that need to be attacked are the feds and intelligence groups who have messed up our country and sold it to Israel while the economy gets sold down over the Pacific to China.

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