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That actor is a total fucking cuck in real life.

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I still love that show and Ron Swanson and I am ashamed. I can't help it. I see the propaganda and the guest politicians and I still love that show :(

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were you frequently molested as a child by any chance?

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....I know. :(

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Saying "taxation is theft" is anti-Semitic, Ron.

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Saying, "Don't infuse pure countries with multicultural horseshit." is also pretty anti-Semitic.


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Taxation is robbery, and there the subject should be dropped.

-Frank Chodorov

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Do they have sympathetic conservative characters on tv anymore? Even ones that are shown to be "wrong" but ultimately decent people?

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I think, "Last Man Standing" was legitimately the last one of those. And even it got pozzed, half-way through.

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WHEN will people realize that chicks suck as MUCH as evil men?

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The only people that say this kind of stuff are essentially inverted crypto-Nazis who admire stuff like Communism to some extent or another. This applies to Stormy Daniels and it is because feminists feel they are invulnerable and that their argument is impenetrable, because of who they are/represent(the manner they reflect this upon themselves and then project this back into society), and that essentially sex is sort of the end goal of life(a kind of broader acceptance of civilizational/human influences inverted into the deficiencies of the minds of people like Stormy Daniels).

They can fit into a logical framework and process framework and they can work it back towards a certain primordial standpoint, but they tend to fail to see its reason playing off symbolism and concepts of self that are engineered in part by self(the gender aspect) and how this plays into society/civilizational model and ultimately an incapacity to accept and confess to the fundamental importance of Kultur(due to a kind of ethical flaw that leads to defending the other or subverting people like Trump that stand in the way of their sexual prowess) and of one's own people(or at least in an individualized context), which has to do fundamentally with letting women dominate society and sexual matters and having everything warped back to them, which is due to the male flaw of applying the abstract ideal, its forms, and its pragmatic acquirement and participation to other members of the human race that are simply not white.

This is a fundamental flaw that will cure this issue. All they have to do is call Nazis, because they are afraid in many ways that they may in fact be wrong and that the so-called Nazis are in fact right, which would them from their feminism and Communism.

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Yeah and they all freaked out when he threatened to take that freebie away.

He had to use his own money.

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Ron: I can't believe you're such a stupid cunt.

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Ron wishes he could tell you that taxpayer dollars are not completely wasted.

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