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I read Anne Frank in highschool and the only thing I came away thinking was "There is ZERO chance a 13 year old girl under severe distress wrote any of this bullshit". One of my earliest red pills.

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Did you happen to read a copy that had the text typed and not in the original pen? Because they hide the pen since it was written in ballpoint, which weren't sold until the 50s.

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The ballpoint pen was invented in 1888. And she used a fountain pen.

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That's really good. Nice. Wish more people felt that way.

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Good Joke. Its sort of really good. Jews only see things being against themselves when they are trying to clear house. That is how it usually works. That is when they try to clear house, we get our Flammenwerfers.

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The best thing about flammenwerfers...is that you can do one at home.

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All we have to do is make hate speech too expensive for the jews to view and they will never get offended.

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I can't help smiling at the fact the diary was written with a rollerpen, invented in 1947.

The shortest investigation in the history of fakes.

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He got banned for that glorious punchline

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My wife is an avid collector of CAH, the "Jew Packs" are hilariously horrible lol

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Strangely enough, ALL of the writers for CAH are Jews

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Don't forgot at least one of them is a rapist.

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Your wife directly funds white genocide.

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Oh snap, I almost forgot that everything we buy directly supports white genocide, my bad...

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Fake right? They advertise those cards on reddit all of the time.

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Nope. They're all Jews at CAH.

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Explains why they shill advertise on reddit.

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And they were against the wall. I think they purchased some land along the border and were/are going to refuse to give it up.

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That’s not how eminent domain works.

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I assume he's using the word "ironically" ironically.

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Naaaah. Ironically and coincidentally mean the same thing to the double-digit -IQ crowd.

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ironically as in it's ironic that a jew is kvetching about jewish stereotyping while fulfilling a jewish stereotype.

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Not sure. Personally, I believe he's using the wrong word. "Stereotypically" would have been a better choice.

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