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What's the diff between Pure and Ubuntu?


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Ubuntu us like the base Operating System. You can add components and take some away and if you're professional enough you could mold Ubuntu into PureOS. (I am not experienced enough to do this)

PureOS is a derivative of Ubuntu that has been set up so that it has more privacy safeguards in place when your browsing online. There is also a modified version of the OS that they're going to put into a phone called the Librem 5. I would like to get one but it's in kick-starter and I don't fund kick-starters. (I understand the logic behind kick-starters but I don't have the spare capitol to gamble on other people making projects.)

Other Ubuntu derivatives include Kubuntu which is good for networking and operating other computers by remote, and Linux Mint which is a good soft start into Linux if you're used to working with windows and want to try Ubuntu.

If you do try an Ubuntu OS I recommend installing it as a Dual Boot, so you can still boot into windows, or install it on an old machine and play with it until you're comfortable. And have Windows set up to trouble shoot in case you run into any Ubuntu problems you can't solve. (I've had a few times where I couldn't boot my computer and I had to do a web search on Windows in order to find the solution!)