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I deleted all of my social media. Not for any other reason than it adds ZERO benefit to my life. Just a meaningless waste of time and I feel much better for it.

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Same. Left facebook almost 7 years ago. Greatest thing I did that year. Still loving the "oh, guess I missed your event because I don't have facebook". It's the best excuse ever. Left Instagram a few years ago too. Never had any of the rest. I have a peace of mind that none of my "friends" have. Not one. They are still chasing likes like a bunch of bitches.

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I've been trying to get what few real life friends I have left on board. I don't know if they are gonna be friends much longer, my power level has simply gotten too high for them and I feel like they are sheep now. Facebook is part of the reason I view them that way. Staring at their phones is the reason I view them that way.

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What do you do with the extra time? I mostly read social media on my phone while taking the train to work and back. I also have books on my phone but they too can be boring after a while and don't really know how to figure out what new books to buy. Classics are good, but they are often a difficult after a while and one wants something lighter. And Android games suck balls.

BTW voat is a social media.

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i study. and i dont count voat as social media because you fucks dont know who i am.

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Only social media I really have is

  • Google+ Laughs
  • LinkedIn
  • ...
  • Voat

Trying to de-google myself, only thing I need to change is my phone OS. I'm just not sure what to go with for stability and reliability.

I've been looking at something by Linux like KDE Plasma or PureOS.

Edit: I do have a minds account and a gab.ai, but I don't really do social media any more.

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I would like to get one if it not for my stubbornness to never invest in kickstarters (Mostly because I don't have the spare cash but also because I have very limited trust)

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I think being anonymous disqualifies it from being social media personally.

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Windows Phone! It's still getting security updates through the end of 2019. Since its obsolete none of the autisim based shit runs on it.

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What's the diff between Pure and Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu us like the base Operating System. You can add components and take some away and if you're professional enough you could mold Ubuntu into PureOS. (I am not experienced enough to do this)

PureOS is a derivative of Ubuntu that has been set up so that it has more privacy safeguards in place when your browsing online. There is also a modified version of the OS that they're going to put into a phone called the Librem 5. I would like to get one but it's in kick-starter and I don't fund kick-starters. (I understand the logic behind kick-starters but I don't have the spare capitol to gamble on other people making projects.)

Other Ubuntu derivatives include Kubuntu which is good for networking and operating other computers by remote, and Linux Mint which is a good soft start into Linux if you're used to working with windows and want to try Ubuntu.

If you do try an Ubuntu OS I recommend installing it as a Dual Boot, so you can still boot into windows, or install it on an old machine and play with it until you're comfortable. And have Windows set up to trouble shoot in case you run into any Ubuntu problems you can't solve. (I've had a few times where I couldn't boot my computer and I had to do a web search on Windows in order to find the solution!)

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What's this digital resistance shit?

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It's a feminist on diaspora who calls herself "anonymiss". She thinks she's woke.

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Shill propaganda

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your the shill u fucktard

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Voat, liveleak for a few years & 2 email addresses is all I’ve ever had. I never understood the purpose of MySpace & all that stuff. I don’t really like people so...

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If one person could actually delete Facecrook, there'd be no need for any further action.

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You have to delete the facebook app from your phone with special software.

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Or, get an actual phone that phones and texts people and nothing more, as in doesn't have the ability to even install a facebook app or bring up the internet.

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They all have their own individual networks which they work back into. They are all interconnected. They are able to keep things individualized enough where it seems that there is nothing at work, but in reality people are just that dumb that they group themselves into the same networks and virus known as leftism and feminism spreads like wildfire.

Facebook might be bad but they keep things under control and the real bad stuff remains on Tumblr and Instagram. I think they like to track people's information to some extent, especially if they are highly conservative, but generally speaking they will leave them alone because they know that the dumbos in society will at one time in the future swamp those who are highly conservatives.

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You could use Telegram....

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